Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Photo Collage

After the amazing Mother's Day gift that Evan and the boys created for me in May, the bar was set pretty high for me to deliver on Father's Day.  Alas, I wasn't able to match the creative genius of the hand print bouquet, but I think this still turned out pretty snazzy.

And it was super-easy.

For the record, my older boys in the background there are fighting like cats and dogs because they aren't willing to share the CARS tent with one another.  About 30 seconds after I took this photo, I had to set the camera down and go play referee.

Ok, so yes....I did get this idea from Pinterest.  For sure.  Here's where the inspiration and the "Daddy We Love You Because....." file came from:

I saw it and thought, "I can totally do that!!"  I didn't have the time or motivation to make the chalkboard conversation bubbles, but I did have a 8x10 frame, a wet erase marker, and some Project Life pattered cardstock.

So I dug the blue striped paper out of my Project Life stash (it's from the Seafoam collection) and trimmed it to fit.  I asked each kid what their favorite thing about Daddy is and I wrote it on the glass.  I admit that I made Thomas' up.  Stubborn little bugger refused to offer me anything legitimate.

Next I dragged them out to our back porch and made them hold the sign while I snapped away.

The next step was to edit the photos in PSE and download the .jpg for the top left corner from the link I've provided you above.  Once I had all four files ready to go, I created a collage in Picasa and created it as a 5x7 photo.  I printed it at home on my photo printer and slipped it into a cheap frame from Walmart.

I went with a 5x7 size because I thought it would be a good option for him to put on his desk at work or even to slip into his suitcase to travel along to China with him....the day after Father's Day.  Boo.

There you have it!

As for our Father's Day festivities, we are taking our main man to the zoo and then we're going to grill red meat over hot charcoal.  Not a bad plan, if you ask me!

(P.S. Evan, I can't even begin to describe how lucky I am to have you as the father of my sons.  They adore you and respect you.  They want to be just like you, which is the highest compliment a father can ask for.  Thank you for leading this family.  Thank you for taking responsibility for their well-being as well as mine.  We are blessed by you, my love.  Happy Father's Day!)

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