Sunday, June 23, 2013

Glimpses of the Weekend

Things are unusually calm as I write this.  The oldest boy is off playing with our neighbor, Thomas is napping, and Micah has set up camp on this pile 'o pillows and blankets that he is calling a "pool" for some odd reason.  He's lounging like a Serbian sultan or something, enjoying a little Mulan

Evan is still in China, but will be coming home early due to some pretty sad circumstances.  The wife of one of his bosses passed away on Friday afternoon, so Evan and his colleagues have been called home early so they can attend her memorial services.  While I'm happy to get him home sooner, I most certainly would rather it wasn't under these conditions.

In the meantime, we've been keeping pretty busy around here the last couple days.

Catching photos of spit wads in mid-air.  Can someone please inform me how to break my child of this new spitting habit?  I'm open to any and all suggestions.  Oh, and I also need to learn how to stop him from eating things off of the asphalt, ripping my irises out of the ground, tearing leaves off trees and chewing on them, playing with the toilet water, and shrieking like he's being scalped while getting a haircut.

Thanks so much.

Drinking a lot of this.  I've gone through two bottles of that Skinnygirl Cosmo stuff in the past week because when you mix it with this sparkling water, it tastes like Kool-Aid.  Only better.  It's like summer in a cup.

Getting planty.  To be fair, this means that I did a lot of choosing pretty flowers, paid the bill, and then supervised while my mother did most of the dirty work.  But I get to enjoy the gorgeous results!

Attending a bridal shower where I hovered like a vulture to see if there were any extra favors left over I could toss in my purse.  Because underneath my cousin's face is a mini-bottle of my favorite wine and I'll be darned if I was going to let that go to waste.  The cupcakes were pretty darn good too.

Admitting to the bride-to-be here that I was the dingbat who went to Target and printed out all four pages of their wedding registry only to purchase two packs of plastic hangers.  Turns out, she and Matt have been mocking me for the last couple weeks over that one. 

Enjoying time with family.  Despite what this photo might suggest, my kids do love their aunt more than they love her phone.  I think.

Playing referee to a water gun / beer bottle / water bottle fight between my sister and cousin.  I'm pretty sure Evan would have been bummed to miss out on this gem, but at the same time he probably would have harpooned Matt for wasting good beer in the name of retaliation.  Also, boys never grow up.  They turn 12 and just kind of stay that way forever.

Working on Project Life a whole lot.  I'm busting my buns to get caught up and I've even branched out to go completely digital for two whole weeks' worth!  Lots of fun Project Life stuff to look forward to here, folks.  Oh, and I would like to say for the record that my Michigan Twin was in much better shape than I was the morning after.  I think she has more practice.

Smelling stinky feet. 

Get home soon, Evan.  You're missing out a whole lot of fun up in here.

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