Thursday, June 6, 2013

How it Went Down.

Recently we had a family discussion.  Alas, since I am not the star of a ridiculous reality show of any sort (unless you count blogging), there is no way for you all to be privy to what took place in real time so I hope you will suspend your disbelief briefly so I may present to you

a fully legitimate

100% accurate




(Little note of direction:  Just for fun, read Thomas' lines in an accent of your choice.  I tend to vacillate between a southern drawl and some strong Boston.)

Thomas:  So Mama, I've been thinkin.'  You've been actin' a little stressed out lately, but I can't really figure out why.  Do you think it would help if I threw this already busted Leap Pad on the floor so it makes a really big noise and then lost my mind over it?  Just thinkin' out loud here.

Me: thanks baby.  You know what?  Daddy actually thinks I need to take a break for a couple days and have some quiet time to be by myself and recharge.  

Boys?  What do you think?  Think you'll be ok without me for a couple days?

Boys?  Boooooyyyyyss?    Ok, then I guess I have nothing to worry about then!  

*Picture me emailing my cousin to book the hotel room, my aunt to invite myself on over to her house, and a friend to invite myself out on the town.*

Me:  Did you hear Thomas?!  Mommy is going away for FOUR whole days!  You get to have four days with Daddy in charge; aren't you excited?!

Me: Oh no baby!  Don't cry!  It will be great!  You'll play "tackle," eat junk food, build with LEGOS, and have so much fun!

Thomas:  Fine.  But I want pizza for supper every night.  And suckers.  And ice cream in my own cup with my own spoon with nobody trying to hold it for me.  And chocolate chip cookies.  Aw heck, just send me to Grandma's house.

Me:  Absolutely not.

Thomas:  You go have fun, Mommy.  We'll be just fine.

Thomas: But I'm still going to steal your eggs and poop my pants in protest. you're caught up!  So that may not be precisely how it happened, but the big facts remain undeniable.  I am in desperate need of a little retreat from the craziness of life to recharge and unwind.  I am chasing some time to be alone and to be quiet as well as some time to enjoy being a grown-up in the company of other fabulous grown-ups.

My mini-vacation is happening soon and I may be freaking out just a teensy bit too much at how flipping excited I am.

More details to follow!

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