Saturday, June 1, 2013

Why Do I Always Forget the TP?

Last night my husband ran an idea by me.  He said, "I need to borrow a couple tools from my Dad for trimming the bushes outside so I thought I'd bring ALL THREE KIDS with me to pay them a visit.  Would you be ok with having the whole day to yourself?"

After I picked myself up off the floor and wiped the stupid grin off my face, I started daydreaming about all the fabulous things I could do with an entire day at my disposal.

I could read.
Shop at Target
Clean my house from top to bottom.
Eat hot food.
Drink an entire cup of coffee before it turned stone cold.
Run a half marathon.  Run a 5K.  Run at all.
Ok fine...I could sleep in.

Of course, I would need to get myself ready for work and actually go put in my time at my job at some point, but the possibilities of what to do before that were mind-blowing.

So this morning after a rousing session of tickle/tackle/wrestle time with the kids, I whipped up a quick batch of french toast for the kids and then promptly threw some PJs and extra undies in a backpack and tossed 'em in the van.  They had their movie started on the van's DVD player and those carseats buckled before you could say "Road Trip!" and I happily waved goodbye to my brood and closed the garage door behind them.

And then it was quiet.  Too quiet.

I cranked up my Pandora station on the iPod and jammed out to my tunes while I busted out my Project Life supplies and got to work.  I finished two weeks of layouts at lightning speed and then hit the shower.  Because scrapbooking works up a sweat, you know.  I was able to bathe myself without worrying about a little person barging in to use the potty or point through the glass door and ask me awkward questions. 

Then I went to the grocery store.  By myself.

Next up was Target where I accomplished a minor miracle:  I didn't buy a single thing that wasn't on my list.  Of course, I also forgot the toilet paper so I suppose it comes out a wash.

I read a book during lunch, threw together one more week in the Project Life album, and had just enough time left to call my husband and whine that I didn't have enough time to get to everything I wanted to do and listen to him scold me for being the only crazy person in the world who would find a way to be stressed out on a freebie day.

Then I blogged and Blogger wasn't playing nice and refused to upload any of the adorable photos I had prepared for this post.

Can't win 'em all.

Happy Saturday!


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