Monday, July 8, 2013

Holiday Hangover

Is it just me or did the past week seem to last for about three weeks?  Most certainly, I do not mean that as a complaint, but I will admit that our whole family was a little slow on the uptake this morning. 

Evan overslept, which he rarely does.
I overslept, which I always do.
The big boys overslept, which they NEVER do. 

No joke, Isaiah was wailing because he wanted me to bring him his breakfast in bed.  There was no way that was happening.  Especially not when I hadn't had any coffee yet because, as I've mentioned, Evan overslept. 

Between the gluttonous sugar binges, fireworks displays, marathon splash sessions in the kiddie pool, and the "blowing stuff up," my kids had an absolutely ridiculous holiday weekend.  Isaiah hasn't been able to stop talking about it, when he's not pouting from fatigue or scratching his mosquito bites, that is.

Seriously, you should see his ear.  His right ear has a mosquito bite on the back and he's scratched it so much that it's now beet red and inflamed.  He looks like a lopsided Dumbo.

And Micah napped yesterday.

Micah.  Napped.  Willingly.

If you were hanging around these parts back when Micah was a obstinate two year old, you'll recall that naptime was a hellish battleground for us that usually culminated in yelling and tears.  Now he is an obstinate three year old who doesn't nap during the day, but usually sleeps like the dead at night.  He was so bushed from his four day grandparent spoiling that he passed out in our bed without so much as a peep.  I had to drag him out of bed an hour later! 

But what fun they had.  The first words out of Micah's mouth this morning were, "We go back to Grandma's house today?"

I love it.

Not a huge fan of the bleary-eyed little crabby pants that were sitting at my kitchen table this morning, but I'm sure my rambunctious little boogers will be back just as soon as they've recharged their batteries. 

How was your weekend?  Anyone else have to hose at least a gallon of bug spray and bubble juice off their kids?

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