Thursday, July 18, 2013

Master Makeover

We have lived in this house for dang near a year and we have done precisely diddly squat with it.

Before we even officially moved in, I painted over the yellow walls in the laundry room with the leftover blue paint we had from the bathroom in our previous house.  It was a bit easier on the eyes and it made me feel like I was putting my little stamp on this new chapter of our life.  Unfortunately, that kind of where the stamping party ended.  (Not to be confused with a Stampin' Up party, by the way.)

So here we are only a month or so away from our one year mark and the house really looks exactly the way it did when we moved in, only way messier and the bathroom permanently smells slightly of pee.  I kind of have some commitment issues when it comes to designs, so I was even hesitant to hang things on the walls out of fear that we would screw up the nail holes and then be stuck with something hung where we didn't want it or with gaping hole where we thought we wanted something hung, but it turns out we really didn't.  Oh, and then there's the whole paint color conundrum.  I suffer from severe paralysis when it comes to choosing paint colors.  I mean, nothing sets the tone for a room more than the paint on the walls, right?  What if you choose something too dark?  Too light?  Too yellow so that it looks like pee and suddenly you are stuck with a room that both looks AND smells slightly of pee.

Clearly, I have a problem.

It was time to just bite the bullet, jump in with both feet, and just tackle a room already.  I figured the master bedroom was a good room to start in because I could always just close the door and keep people from seeing it if I really screwed it up.  Plus, it was starting to stress me out when I came in and hated everything I saw.

Here's where we started:

As you can see, there are a few things I would like to tackle in this room.  The cluttered bookcase just drives me batty every time I look at it and I can't wait to revitalize with this room with a fun dose of bright color.  The black bed, dresser, and side tables will be staying, but I'm hoping to upgrade pretty much everything else.

The plan is to paint the walls a light neutral gray and use accents of yellow (to play off the lampshades), navy, and other shades of blue and green to add a pop of color.  I want it to be fun, light, and cheery but still classy.

As for the bookcase, I'm thinking about painting it white and doing something crazy to the back, like ripping off the current flimsy backing and replacing it with painted plywood so it looks something like this.

(Side note:  I just spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to embed the pin from Pinterest that shows you the exact bookcase I am referring to, but apparently the new version of Pinterest makes embedding Pins about as easy as defusing a nuclear bomb.  Eventually I started being tempted to curse a lot, so I just quit on that whole endeavor.)

This weekend comes the big painting party!  Looking forward to showing you the carnage results!

Any suggestions for what to do to this space?  My acute case of Design Decision Paralysis welcomes your input.

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