Monday, July 15, 2013

Napping is Better Than Grocery Shopping

Evan got a nap Sunday afternoon.  I did not.

Isaiah was off playing at a neighbor's house while his face was still painted up like this:

Micah was downright bushed after being dragged all over the zoo by his parents and aunt so we washed off his orange tiger makeup and Evan tricked him into taking a nap.

Evan:  Micah, just go snuggle in Mommy & Daddy's comfy bed for five minutes and if you're not tired, you can come back out.

Micah:  Ooooohhhh-tayyyyy, Daddy.

He was asleep two minutes later.  He seeped sweat and drool all over my pillow.

And then there was Thomas.  We left the zoo just a few minutes past his naptime, so the drive home was a bit problematic.  If the boy fell asleep in the van, I feared the transfer to the crib would wake him up and the ever elusive "naptime window of opportunity" would be wasted and we would be stuck with a very tired, very crabby baby for the rest of the evening.  I sat next to Thomas on the drive home from the zoo and pulled out every trick in the book to keep him awake - tickling, playing games, poking his side, shaking his hand.

Yeah, I failed miserably. He totally fell asleep.  Thankfully, he still took a good nap after the dreaded crib transfer.

So, to sum up.  Isaiah was off playing and the other two boys were napping.  I changed out of my church clothes, threw together a grocery list, and flew out the door to attempt a large grocery shopping trip.....

on a Sunday afternoon when the store is the busiest. 

with an hour deadline to be back in time to prepare supper. 

Evan napped.

How is this fair? 

Oppressed by Injustice,

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