Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Project Life Tuesday - Week 21

The Mom Creative

 Welcome to Project Life Tuesday!  Every week I share photos of a layout I've been working on, either in my family's weekly book or my son's baby book. 

I started using the Project Life system in 2010, so this will be my fourth full year!  I used to be a very traditional scrapbooker who would spend hours on a single layout to document one or two photos.  Thanks to Project Life, I have become much more practical and I'm able to record a multitude more memories.

I don't use a lot of fancy tricks or complicated techniques.  I would define my style as "hybrid scrapbooking" - a combination of simple digital and a few old school techniques that creates a unique product that reflects our eclectic life. To me, it's more important to keep the memories than it is to make them look like they came out of a magazine.  I'm totally fine with it if my layouts feature more iPhone photos than DSLR shots and Instagram is my friend.

And it's a whole lot of fun.

If you're looking for inspiration on what others are doing with their Project Life, you can check out my board on Pinterest and be sure to link up on The Mom Creative!

I got WILD for this particular week and went ALL DIGITAL, which is something brand new for me.  It was a fun little experiment, but I'm pretty convinced I am not a digital gal at my heart.

This is all the Honey kit.  I 100% copied the design of my title card from Sara.  She showed me a couple tips on how to create drop shadows on the text and I had to play around with it a bit. 

News stories like this are never easy to hear about, especially when there are folks I know who might be affected.  Thankfully, all my OK blogger buddies were safe and sound.  I used a screen shot and a Honey kit journaling card to create this.

Just another day around here with my Micah.  He is always a valuable resource for a good story.

Right Page:

Kindergarten Open House, a tree climber, a superkid, and a super annoying incident where my kid locked me out of my own bathroom.

Overall, I love how bright and cheery the Honey kit is!  It's great for using with my rambunctious kiddos.  I hope you have a wonderful week and we'll see you back again next time!


  1. OOH! I love this spread, Sarah! But, I'm definitely a digital girl at heart, so of course I would love it. Ha! :) Great job shadowing your titles -- they totally look like letter stickers (or thickers? I'm so not up on my paper scrapping terms). Do share the tips she gave you... digital minds want to know. ;)

    1. Isn't it great how there are so many ways to scrapbook and really no way to do it "wrong?" It makes it such a fun hobby!! And yes, the letter stickers that are my addiction are called Thickers. They are amazing. :)

      Basically, she showed me how to put the drop shadow on the letters, which is a skill I never knew how to do before. Now I'm obsessed with that little trick. Oh, and I love being able to change the colors of the journal cards with that paint bucket tool! Mind. Blown.

    2. Oh, and stay tuned Jenny. I have another full digital spread coming up soon!

  2. I really like how this layout turned out. The shadowing completely had me fooled.
    I prefer working with paper, but love that digital doesn't cause such a mess.

    1. Yes! I love that I can work on my album without having to haul out my totes and scissors and make a high holy mess all over the table. That being said, there is just something cathartic for me about actually "doing" the creating with my own hands rather than clicking a mouse. I think I'm going to end up being a hybrid gal - a little of each style sprinkled in all over the place.

  3. These pages are awesome! I haven't done any digital pages - frankly they scare me! Can't wait to come back next week and see what you do! :)

    1. I know what you mean! Until my pal showed me these couple techniques, I was very intimidated. At least now I feel like I can make a stab at it. :)


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