Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Rules Around Here

Recently I have noticed there are some unspoken rules that have developed as we go about our normal day by day routine.  Not sure when these showed up or really how they became so prevalent in our world, but they exist nonetheless.  In no particular order....

Rule #1 - If Mom has spent more than 15 minutes preparing a meal, it is immediately deemed "icky" or inedible.  However, if a very similar meal originated in a restaurant sporting a blue roof or showed up via a drive thru window or delivery driver, it is immediately considered "delicious."

Rule #2 - Meals that are not immediately followed by ice cream (or frozen custard or cake pops or Popsicles or freeze pops or cake) are considered null and void.  Hysterical fits are required.

Rule #3 - Couches are not for sitting on.  They may be used as volcanoes, high dives, pirate ships, the Millennium Falcon, or other comparable such avenues of adventure, but the cushions are required to be thrown to the floor within five minutes of rising in the morning and there must be jumping from such an obscene height that Mom gets nervous.

Rule #4 - When it is time to leave the, five minutes ago....there will always be at least one shoe that refuses to be found.

Rule #5 - Screaming begets screaming.  Screaming usually leads to hitting which leads to whining which leads to Time Outs which means more screaming.  Rinse and repeat.

Rule #6 - The green light saber is the best light saber and presenting any other option is pointless.  This too, leads to whining and screaming.

Rule #7  - Often just trying to do life with several young children will leave you seriously contemplating selling them to the circus.  Because, let's face it, you're half way there already.

Rule #8 - Foods that are consistently deemed to be inedible will because delightful delicacies when presented through the magical suggestion of Grandma.

What rules would you add to this list?  I'm sure there are more going on around here too, but I ran out of time before I had to bring Isaiah to swimming lessons.  :)


  1. Many foods, even though considered to be awful when warm on a plate in front of you, will become a delicacy if found on the floor later.

  2. Oh, and is Micah eating both a corn dog AND chicken tenders in that picture? It doesn't surprise me, but I was just wondering.

    1. Sometimes I wonder why I put food on Micah's plate at all.

  3. If you buy a box of cereal for your children, because the last box of the EXACT same kind was eaten in about 2.5 seconds the day before, it is guaranteed that they will all of a sudden HATE that kind of cereal.

    1. Yup! I had that same thing happen with Rice Crispies. :)

  4. Evan is very wise. And that blog was VERY funny. Both things are the norm but I never tire of them. And sometimes they trade places.



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