Friday, July 12, 2013


I wish I could have a fire and make S'mores every day.  Unfortunately, the mosquitos are so thick and ferocious, I don't really dare to go in my backyard right now.  Not even at high noon.  I have bites all over my neck, my arms, and even on my face.  Even if I hose them down with bug spray, the kids still come inside covered in welts. 

I wanted to pick up a couple swatches of two very particular paint colors that were only carried at a particular store, so it really didn't matter much to me that my traveling circus was suddenly complete with a tiger.  I was going to get this errand done, by golly.  Immediately after I took this photo, Micah started yanking on his shorts and announced to the whole store that he had to go poop.

In typical third kid fashion, Thomas has taken his sweet time learning how to use a sippy cup.  He finally was able to stop having a bottle before bedtime only a couple weeks ago and it's only now at the age of 22 months that the whole "tip and lift" maneuver has clicked in his brain.  He's still deathly afraid of sandals.
I'm at the place where my To Do List is starting to make me feel paralyzed again.  I'm trying to makeover our master bedroom, I have a visitor coming from out of town soon so I want to clean my entire house from top to bottom, there is laundry piled everywhere, the closets need purging, I need to start going through all the stuff sitting down in my future office/guest bedroom so we can start working on the egress window, and I have so much scrapbooking stuff to work on. 

Now I feel like a nap!  Who am I kidding....I always feel like a nap.

Hope your upcoming weekend is gorgeous, productive, relaxing, or whatever you need it to be! 

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