Friday, August 30, 2013

Hey Summer, you've been great. Now go away.

Oh Summer.  We spend month after month scraping an inch of ice off our windshield and cursing under our breaths, longing for your long days, warm breezes, and lack of snow.  Sure, we dread the road construction, but it's a sacrifice we here in Wisconsin are willing to make for a reprieve from the oppressively frigid temperatures, slippery roads, and otherwise depressing doldrums of winter.

That being said, I'm going to need you to go ahead and bugger off.

Here's the thing, Summer.  I need a little break from my kids.  I know, I know....that sounds terrible.  But it's totally true.  I don't know if you've noticed them, but my oldest is the one who has been tearing up and down our street with no shirt and a winter hat, riding his bike with no hands, playing Bey Blades in the middle of the sidewalk, and climbing trees until he is up so high he gets stuck.  He's also the same kid who has to sprint home to go poop, gets distracted by what's on TV and suddenly gets in a wrestling match with his brother over whether or not the plastic spoon should be a "shared toy" or not.  Before I know it, I am holding a Kleenex to the baby's bloody lip because the middle brother took a swing at Big Bro over the audacity of him trying to steal the spoon, but missed and ended up sending the baby flailing into the corner of the coffee table at warp speed.  Now I've got a bleeding baby, a fifty pound three year old with an anger problem screaming while in Time Out, and a five year old who is whining about why he can't bring the coveted plastic spoon to the potty with him while he goes poop. 

It's just that they're know....HERE.  Like, all three of them.  At the same time.  On top of one another, wanting the same Buzz Lightyear toy with one leg that they still don't know I threw away two months ago, whining over the fact that we aren't going to the zoo today because we just went to the zoo yesterday, crying over my cruelty that I'm making them go play outside instead of playing video games AGAIN, and always.....always demanding to be fed.  At least three times a day.  It's a lot to handle, Summer.

Homeschooling mamas are my new hero.  They deserve a magic card at Starbucks that gets them free coffee whenever they want.

I love my kids, Summer.  Really, I do.  It's because I love my kids that I'm pleading with you to hurry up and get out of here.  I love my kids so much that I am admitting that we need a little time apart before I start to not love my kids.

My oldest starts Kindergarten on Tuesday and I think I might be more excited than he is.
My middle son starts preschool on Tuesday which means he will be at school for four whole hours twice a week.

Do you want to know the best part about my oldest two sons starting school? 

That means their friends are starting school too!!!  Most days I feel like the warden at a mental institution as these rabid boys run through my house leaving a path of toys, dirt, and destruction in their wake only to go outside and play in traffic despite my hollering "GET OUTTA THE ROAD!!!" every 4.2 seconds.

With big brothers (and their friends) away getting some book learnin', I get EIGHT glorious hours of one on one time with my baby boy.  Although I did just write a whole post about how he does exhibit some early serial killer tendencies, he doesn't talk or break things as much as his brothers so he scores relatively low on the Maintenance-o-Meter for the time being.  Hey, at least he's too young to have assembled his entourage yet.  Before I know it I am going to have three teenage boys plus all their jungle beast teenage boy friends to feed and then you and I are really going to have some words, Summer.

We've had some good times this year, Summer.  Honestly, it's been a hoot.  Now go away.  Tell your buddy Fall I am ready for him. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

10 Signs Your Baby Might Be a Serial Killer

1.  You wake up suddenly in the middle of the night to see them standing motionless in your doorway.  Sure, they might claim to just be thirsty or scared of a thunderstorm, but I think we all know the truth.

2.  You've caught them pushing buttons on the remote until they manage to play past episodes of Dexter on Netflix.

3.  The level of satisfaction they feel in pulverizing blackberries into pulp is slightly disturbing  (see photo above)

4.  Every time they "help" you set the table, they always seem to find a steak knife rather than a baby spoon.

5.  Every time you take a shower, you keep one eye peels for the door to slowwwwly inch open

6.  Action figures and LEGO "guys" are often found decapitated or otherwise dismembered at cleanup time.

7.  Despite your warnings that they are not allowed to touch your Elf on the Shelf, lest his magic disappear, you frequently find Frank (or Fluffy, Giggles, Buddy, Captain Sparklebuns or whatever ridiculous name you gave the thing) in horrifying circumstances.

8.  They get a little overzealous in their light saber play, someone loses a limb, and they just bust out in maniacal laughter.

9.  They turn helpless woodland creatures into hats.

10.  Their whispers in the dark of "Mama.....Mama....." sound suspiciously like those creepy Chuckie dolls.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WIWW - The Hole in the Hudsons and My Heart

I'm going to tell you a very sad story this morning on What I Wore Wednesday and I fully realize that this particular sob story is very much a case of #FirstWorldProblems, but it still cheeses my rice.  I found the Holy Grail of pants while I was in Michigan in June.  As in, a pair of designer Hudson skinny jeans at Nordstrom Rack on clearance for $70.

Hudson jeans - Nordstrom Rack, Top - Francesca's (gift), Shoes - Payless, Bracelet - Stitch Fix

Yes, I realize that $70 is still a pretty big chunk of change to drop on a pair of pants, but I had come to adore Hudson jeans after I splurged on a pair as my reward for hitting goal weight and I had the spending cash in hand that I had hung on to for just the right occasion.  I snatched those beauties up and brought 'em home.  And I wore them a LOT.  I have been living in these things, you guys. 

But alas, our love affair was not to be.  I snapped the photo above on my way out the door to meet up with some friends for dessert fondue at The Melting Pot on my 30th birthday.  In the parking lot, I stepped wrong and not only ruined my shoes when I tried to right myself, but I went to the ground and ripped a gaping hole in my beloved jeans.

Top - Stitch Fix, Hudson Jeans - Nordstrom Rack, Rip in Hudson Jeans - My clutzy nature, Sandals - Target

Is there any hope for them?  Is it worth bringing them to a seamstress to try to salvage what's left of my beloved jeans? Please advise me here, folks.  If there is any chance they can be saved, I will do what it takes!!

Since you're here, let's have a look see at a few more outfits, shall we?

 Sweater - LOFT, Striped tank - LOFT, Shorts - Target, Flip Flops - Old Navy, Pasty Ghost Legs - Genetics and SPF 50

Judging by the lack of makeup and jewelry, I can safely say this was an "oh crap I need to run for milk eggs and toilet paper but I'm still in my pajamas and I really don't want to go to Walmart so I'd better thrown on some real clothes quick so I am allowed in Target" kind of morning.

 Tank Top - Old Navy, Skirt - Target, Necklace - Stitch Fix, Flip Flops - Old Navy

Do you know what my favorite thing is about maxi skirts?  They're like socially acceptable pajama pants.

 Striped Tank - LOFT, Necklace - The Limited, Shorts - Target, Shoes - Target??

The only way I can really make this color yellow work for me is if I have some kind of pop of brighter color close to my face to break it up.  Otherwise I just end up looking washed out and icky.

Cinched Waist Top - Stitch Fix, Hudson Jeans - Nordstrom Rack, Shoes - Target??, Earrings - The Limited

Just one more with my pants....just for old time's sake.  I haven't given up hope yet, my darlings.

Linking up once again over at The Pleated Poppy for some amazing fashion inspiration!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Project Life Tuesday - Week 26

The Mom Creative

Welcome to Project Life Tuesday!  Every week I share photos of a layout I've been working on, either in my family's weekly book or my son's baby book.  I started using the Project Life system in 2010, so this will be my fourth full year!  I used to be a very traditional scrapbooker who would spend hours on a single layout to document one or two photos.  Thanks to Project Life, I have become much more practical and I'm able to record a multitude more memories.

I don't use a lot of fancy tricks or complicated techniques.  I would define my style as "hybrid scrapbooking" - a combination of simple digital and a few old school techniques that creates a unique product that reflects our eclectic life. To me, it's more important to keep the memories than it is to make them look like they came out of a magazine.  I'm totally fine with it if my layouts feature more iPhone photos than DSLR shots and Instagram is my friend.

And it's a whole lot of fun.

If you're looking for inspiration on what others are doing with their Project Life, you can check out my board on Pinterest and be sure to link up on The Mom Creative!

Week 26 is the last layout in Volume 1 of the year 2013, so I officially am halfway finished with this year!  Woohoo!!

I'm sorry for how dark these photographs turned out.  The sun did not want to play nice with me this day!  The left page covers a lot of the boys just playing and being kids.  The date card is from my Jade kit and the two digital cards below are from the digital version of the same kit.

Hopping over to the right page, I used a lot more traditional elements.

The photos on this page are very representative of our summer.  S'mores, squirt guns, and shirtless kids eating Popsicles.

For this card below, I used a 4x6 journal card from the Jade kit and then just stuck on an Instagram photo and a strip of washi.

I've got a crazy busy couple of weeks coming up here, so I'm not sure how much time I'll get to sit down with my scrapbook and pound out some work.  Bear with me if Project Life Tuesday gets delayed a time or two coming up here!  Thanks for patience and I truly appreciate you stopping by!

Monday, August 26, 2013

For Kaden

Aw man, you guys.   After ending last week on such a high note, I wish I could start you off on this Monday morning with some kind of knee-slapping tale of finding my kids up a tree in only their underpants, but that just isn't what's on my heart at the moment.

Do you see that #SheReadsTruth banner in my right sidebar?  I've been doing random Bible studies created by the women of She Reads Truth for a while now, maybe even more than a year.  I lose track so easily.  There is a wonderful community of women of faith on this site and I regret not getting more tapped in to getting to know the writers and the other sisters in Christ who frequent the site and the studies.

But right now, one of the writers of SRT is going through a living nightmare.  Diana Stone is the mama of one daughter here on earth and twin babies in heaven.  Having already endured the terrible loss of her twin boys, she just gave birth to sweet Kaden two weeks ago and they have been praying for a miracle since he arrived.  As of last night when I checked Instagram, they give that darling boy maybe a day or two more to live.  I don't know Diana personally, but my heart just breaks for her and for family.  I can't even imagine the pain she is suffering right now.  I love her honesty on her blog when she talks about how she wishes she had the kind of faith where she could stride boldly to the throne of God, but that she is just so broken and angry right now that she can't even find the strength to do it.

(Image Source:

That's the beauty of the church, my friends.  When others are too weary, we can lift them up.  Would you consider joining me today in prayer for Kaden Isaiah Stone and his sweet Mama and Daddy?  I believe that the God who spoke the stars into being is capable of miraculous healing of this baby and his parents are in desperate need of something miraculous right now.  They need miraculous faith, miraculous strength, miraculous perseverance, and miraculous support.  Regardless of the outcome for baby Kaden, the Stones need God to move in a big way.  They need all the prayers they can get as they prepare to likely say goodbye to their son.

Read all about Kaden's journey HERE and please consider joining the SRT sisters in prayer for her today.  Here is the call to prayer from the She Reads Truth team, but unfortunately Kaden's condition has worsened severely since it was written.  I checked Diana's Twitter account at 11:00 pm Sunday evening and she said they were getting ready to say goodbye to Kaden as he was close to going home to Jesus.

Oh Lord, descend on the Stone family now and wrap them in your embrace.  Give them the comfort that only you can provide and help them to remember that you have not forsaken them, even in this most devastating hour.  If there is yet hope for a miracle, let them cling to it!  Thank you for holding them near to you and wiping their tears as you identify with the pain and suffering they are feeling.  Praise be to you Lord, the one who knows the anguish of losing a child to death.  And thank you, Father that our precious savior, your son Jesus Christ not only suffered through death, but conquered it so that we may have hope for baby Kaden.  In Jesus's precious name we pray, Amen.  

UPDATE:  Kaden went home to be with Jesus after living for 21 days on this earth.  Read the post about this great loss to the Stone family from She Reads Truth HERE.  Thousands of hearts are breaking with Diana, Sam, Bella and the entire Stone family.  

Friday, August 23, 2013

"The Naked Jedi" and Other Things to Make You Smile

Yesterday I took my oldest son to his Kindergarten orientation.  He met his teacher, got his photo taken, found his classroom and shook hands with his new principal.  Mommy got to write checks.  Lots of checks.


Right now the emotional trauma of my first child going off to school is taking a back seat to the financial trauma associated with writing a bunch of checks my butt can't cash.  (Figuratively speaking, of course.  Not really.)

Anyway, I felt a little pick-me-up might be in order for this Friday morning.  My apologies to those of you who are reading this at work or are already at school and have that pesky Internet filter to deal with.  If that's the case, just be sure to bookmark this post (or better yet, mark it on Bloglovin'!) to come back to later for a good giggle.

Convos With My 2 Year Old

Heaven help me, but these are the funniest things I have seen in recent memory.  Every single parent, aunt, grandmother, acquaintance, neighbor, friend of a friend whose sister in law has a toddler.....NEEDS to watch these.  All of them.  And the bloopers.  Trust me on this one, folks.  They are clean, they are clever, and they are spot on.

Basically, this series of You Tube videos re-enacts actual conversations between a father and his two-year old daughter, but the part of the daughter is played by a fully grown man with facial hair.  I die.  I'm pretty sure I wet my pants a little at the end of Episode 7 - The Pants, Part 2.

The Infinite Wisdom of Beth Woolsey

Have you heard of the blog entitled "Five Kids is a Lot of Kids?"  Everything this woman writes is pure gold, but some recent posts in particular have left me with tears running down my face and sore muscles in my tummy.  Seriously, I felt like I had just done 100 sit ups, my abs were screaming so loud.  Not that I know what doing 100 sit ups even feels like since my Crossfit Groupon ran out.

If you are the parent of boys, read 10 Rules for Peeing, So Your Bathroom Smells Like Pee and My Penis is Not Okay.

If you are scientifically inclined, read The Directly Proportional Law of Housekeeping.

If you are the parent of a pre-teen or teenager, read A Letter to My Teen: I love You. Now Knock it Off.

If you are currently or have ever eaten a banana or witnessed someone eating a banana or attempted to convince your children to eat a banana, read How to Choose the Perfect Banana.

If you are breathing in and out and possess a sense of humor at all, read Teaching Kids Not to Swear,

And then just keep scrolling and keep reading because Beth is easily one of the funniest bloggers I have encountered and I desperately want to slap on a pair of Depends and meet her for coffee because I have a feeling we would be shooting Caramel Macchiatos out of our nose within minutes.

The Ridiculous Antics of My Offspring
No web surfing required, I hope to inspire a smile based on the everyday happenings from my crazy children.

Micah licked the raw cookie dough off the beater (yup, eggs and all) and since I was already officially a terrible parent for letting him do this, I figured I may as well go for broke.....

....and let them splash around in the gutter water as a form of summertime entertainment.  In my defense, the middle-aged man who walked past my brood in their gleeful splashing announced, "Now that reminds me of the old days!"

However, I doubt they played rousing games of "The Naked Jedi" in the old days.

Oh, remember that time the TV crew came to my house to interview me about the Brewer game story?  Well, what you didn't see on the evening news was that while I was taping my portion of the interview, Isaiah was dancing behind the reporter with his shirt off and it was all I could do to keep from laughing while the camera was rolling.  Not to be outdone, Micah proceeded to do this once the interview was over:

Classy, son.

The Inspiring and Wise Words of Ashton (Chris) Kutcher
Yeah, I can't believe I wrote that title either, but if you are one of the few who has not yet seen the video of Mr. Kutcher's speech at the Teen Choice Awards, you are missing out.  It's not the goofy, nonsensical garbage you might expect from, well....the Teen Choice Awards, but it is instead a very valuable challenge to today's youth to appreciate opportunity, work hard, be smart, and realize that life is only what you make of it.  Bravo, Mr. Kutcher.  Bravo.

If Disney Princesses had Instagram
Not at all poignant or thought-provoking, this post is just clever and funny.  For all the Disney fans out there or for anyone who is familiar (or addicted) to Instagram, this one is a must-read.

 (Image Source:

The Cruelty of Netflix
But nothing could have prepared me for the snorting-laced laughter that would develop from reading this post about the far reaching ramifications of Netflix abandoning Shaun the Sheep.  Please read and enjoy with my blessing.  

Happy Friday everyone.  If you don't have a smile on your face by now, you are clearly a direct decedent of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Ebeneezer Scrooge, or just really need to have another cup of coffee and a chocolate chip cookie.  Or, maybe you just got caught in the crossfire when the boys tried to "cross the streams" in the bathroom earlier.  If so, skip the coffee and go straight to wine.  They really should sell wine next to the Clorox bleach, toilet paper, and diapers at Target.  Don't you think?  

Yes, I've stayed 100% sober since my 30th birthday.  Thanks for asking.  :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

When It Hits You

When the kitchen table is covered in piles of folded laundry, the living room floor is littered with earless Mr. Potato Heads, and the sink is overflowing with the crusty dishes from breakfast because you forgot to run the dishwasher before bed last night.....again.

When the coffee is cold, the milk is gone, and the sippy cup has leaked all over the kitchen floor.

When the whining is piercing, but the hugs are intense.  When the tears are hot and salty and the Band-Aids are magic.

When the Play-Doh is nearly dried to a crisp and the colors have been mixed up, when the half snapped caps on the markers leave them parched, when the crayons break in half.

When the scissors practice leaves confetti on the floor to join the leftover Mac & Cheese the ants have already discovered.  When the light saber battles lead to smacked knuckles, the wrestling matches lead to bloody noses, and the bike races lead to skinned knees.

When the dinnertime fights give way to bedtime prayers of forgiveness.  When the Time Out melts into a hug of apology.  When the "I hate you" turns around to an "I love you."  When the chaos of the day becomes the stillness of the night.

That's when you'll feel it.  The satisfaction, the warmth, the triumph that being a parent brings.

And when the sun rises and the beautiful mess reappears, you smile in between the sighs, reheat that cup of coffee again and again and remind yourself that this right here, this time, this place, THESE KIDS are exactly what you were created for.  Cold coffee, day old mascara and all, you are made for this.  Embrace the disorganized legos, accept that the Play-Doh will never again be sorted by color, and let them run around barefoot in the grass.

Because the time is coming all too quickly when the Play-Doh will be thrown away, the markers will be replaced by texting, and the light saber battles long forgotten.  When it hits me that my boys are suddenly too grown up to crawl into bed with me when they have a bad dream, come running when they scrape their knee, or look to me to applaud their latest act of death-defying pillow jumping, I'm going to mourn the loss.  It's hard to see it now, but I know it's coming.

So for now, I will remind myself to be present, to really be here, fully in it and fully engaged as much as possible.  I don't want to miss it.   

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mama Bear Awakes

Part of me desperately wanted to start this blog post like a letter and address it directly to the ones who spoke such hurtful things in my direction.  I wanted to fight back, to defend myself, to set the record straight and respond to their attacks.  Quite frankly, I am entirely fed up with all the negative and critical comments that have been hurled at me since the Brewer game post.  Never in my life have I had to grow such a thick skin and let things roll off my back as if they have no effect on me.

But the truth of it is that every single one of those words did hurt me.  As much as I didn't want them to, they did.  Nearly two years ago, I was having a particularly difficult moment of parenting with Micah and I took to my blog to express my frustration.  Most people were sympathetic and encouraging, but one commenter was so put off by my words that she called me out for my terrible parenting, accusing me of being abusive, and even went so far as to say that Micah would be better off being adopted by someone else since I clearly was unfit to be his mother.

Upon reading that single comment, I was immediately swallowed by an uncontrollable bout of ugly tears and was ready to shut down my blog to the public forever.  I also found myself questioning whether or not she might actually be right.  Was a really a bad mom?  Would my kids really be better off with someone else?  Was I messing them up forever?

One comment.

That's all it took to have me questioning everything I knew.

He said to the woman "Did God actually say 'You shall not eat of any tree in the garden'?"  (Gen 3:1)

Are you sure?  Really?  Are you one hundred percent certain that God didn't mess this one up?  How can you be absolutely positive that he has your best interest in mind?  What if it isn't true?

It took longer than I care to admit for me to recover from that one nasty comment.  Once I realized that it was likely less about me and more about the heart of the commenter, I was able to change my perspective and move on with more of an attitude of grace than one of resentment.

This time around, it hasn't just been one comment....but DOZENS.

Over and over, I have been admonished for my negligent parenting, my obvious lack of control over my wild children, my terrible judgment for allowing my child to speak to a stranger, my irresponsibility for birthing more children than I can handle, my rudeness for even bringing small children to a baseball game in the first place, and my despicable decision to write about a stranger who likely resents the sudden attention.

As every email entered my inbox, I tried hard to read them with an open mind and a sensitive heart.  Obviously these people don't know me or my family personally or they would know for a fact that all these accusations are entirely false.  The comments left by the couple people who were actually there and witnessed the event were positive and reassuring, but the hateful and mean ones were almost always signed "Anonymous."  Still, the sheer volume of the negativity made it difficult to stomach.

But this particular one stopped me in its tracks with its cruelty and I haven't been able to get it out of my head:

So clearly this woman is an incompetent mother with brat children who behave like animals and you're all lauding her for her inability to control her b*****d offspring? You've got to be kidding me. Sure, the guy is a champion, but he shouldn't have had his day interrupted and his DATE interrupted just because the woman behind him chose to s**t more kids than she can keep a leash on. Typical f***ing Americans.

Clearly this is more profanity that I ever allow in my space, but I copy and paste it here only because I want you to really get a feel for the level of nastiness that I've been having to wade through as fallout from this post.  I'm sorry, but you can accuse me of being incompetent all you want, but the second you start insulting my children.....I get a little riled up.

I share it with you now for this reason.  I stumbled across a story on Yahoo the other day of a hateful letter that was delivered to a family in Ontario where a woman in her neighborhood berated them for moving into her neighborhood with their "wild animal kid" and suggested it would be better for everyone involved if they would just "euthanize him."

 (Image Source:

Y'all, this letter wasn't even to my kid and the Mama Bear in me awoke with a vengeance.  All the yuckiness that had welled up in me while I read the difficult comments directed at me and my family were merely child's play in comparison to how this mother must have felt as she read such horrible things directed at her and her child.

It's just unacceptable.  No mother (or father or grandparent or guardian or whatever) should have to feel the boiling in their belly that comes from having to fend off such attacks.  Why do we treat one another this way?

Being a parent is the most difficult job on the planet and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.  It is a daily struggle and exhausting joy all wrapped into one.  It's raw, dirty, gut-wrenching, tear streaked, kiss covered, heart breaking, messy work.  There is no greater satisfaction on this earth than to raise up your children to be adults who love God, love others, and live in a way that reflects that.  No two parents approach it the same way and there is no one "right" way to accomplish the desired result, so I am continually flabbergasted at how NASTY people can be to one another when it comes to criticizing their parenting and some (as in these cases) go as far as to attack the children directly.

I refuse to raise my sons to live in fear.  Yes, there are some scary people in the world who do terrible things, but if I allow that to keep my children from extending kindness, showing love, or sacrificing their comfort for the sake one another than I have failed as a parent.  What good would it do my kids to keep them from walking out the front door?  How can I teach them to be the hands and feet of Christ if they're so terrified of the unknown that they can't bring themselves to trust God to watch over their steps?  I'm not saying I'm going to encourage them to go wander around dark alleyways at midnight, but I am advocating for the parental community at large to quit competing and sniping at one another and instead focus that energy on letting our kids BE KIDS while we have time and to model kindness, love, and respect at every possible moment - including with each other.

If God is for us, who can be against us?  He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things? (Romans 8:31)

The LORD is my light and my salvation;
whom shall I fear?
The LORD is the stronghold of my life;
of whom shall I be afraid?  (Psalm 27:1)

Do not drag me off with the wicked,
with the workers of evil,
who speak peace with their neighbors
while evil is in their hearts.  (Psalm 28:3)

Hatred is a wasted effort, friends.  It takes an incredible amount of energy to muster up the determination to be spiteful and nasty to others.  I have heard over and over again since the Brewer game story that many were surprised that it was such a big deal.  Heck, even the young man who gave Isaiah the ball was somewhat flabbergasted that such a seemingly small act of kindness struck such a chord with people and spread like wildfire.  It touched hearts and spoke to something that we all crave on a deeper, spiritual level.  We are not meant to be standoffish, fearful, and confrontational with one another.  This simple story of a boy, a baseball, and a stranger wasn't about the baseball.  It was a reminder of the way things ought to be - where strangers can become friends in an instant, where children can be children without fear of disapproving glances, and where the ordinary becomes extraordinary when done out of love for others.

I don't know about you, but I fail to see the fault in any of that.

IMPORTANT:  For every nasty comment my post received (no matter where it was published), there were at least twenty kind comments from people applauding the kindness being displayed and being very encouraging and positive.  I don't want it to seem like the negative feedback outweighed the positive in any way because that was most certainly not the case.  I am extremely grateful to everyone who read my post, connected with it, and commented to put a smile on my face!  


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Project Life Tuesday - Week 25

The Mom Creative

Welcome to Project Life Tuesday!  Every week I share photos of a layout I've been working on, either in my family's weekly book or my son's baby book.  I started using the Project Life system in 2010, so this will be my fourth full year!  I used to be a very traditional scrapbooker who would spend hours on a single layout to document one or two photos.  Thanks to Project Life, I have become much more practical and I'm able to record a multitude more memories.

I don't use a lot of fancy tricks or complicated techniques.  I would define my style as "hybrid scrapbooking" - a combination of simple digital and a few old school techniques that creates a unique product that reflects our eclectic life. To me, it's more important to keep the memories than it is to make them look like they came out of a magazine.  I'm totally fine with it if my layouts feature more iPhone photos than DSLR shots and Instagram is my friend.

And it's a whole lot of fun.

If you're looking for inspiration on what others are doing with their Project Life, you can check out my board on Pinterest and be sure to link up on The Mom Creative!

Week 25: Fathers day, a trip to the zoo and a bridal shower!

The first page is mostly about Father's Day and our trip to the zoo on that day.  I also created a digital card about where he will be going on his upcoming trip to China.

Jumping over to the next page, I used another Design A for all the photos from a bridal shower in the family.  I used the Jade kit for most of this layout, both physical and digital.  There is a little bit of Seafoam sprinkled in here as well.

 Loving the chevron on this page!

And then the final couple pages!

I love, love, LOVE Evan's family!!!

I used a little bit of the digital Honey kit on the last page in addition to the Jade cards.

I loved this green dress I got from Stitch Fix this week, so I saved the sticker from the packaging and stapled the styling card right to a 6x4 grid card.

I'm back to playing catch up again because...well, because I just am.  I have successfully broken into the second album of 2013 now, so at least I'm in the right half of the year!  :)

Have a wonderful Tuesday and we'll see you back again next time!


Monday, August 19, 2013

Coffee and Glitter Nailpolish

Good news everyone!  My cupboard overfloweth with coffee!

I swear, if I get a single comment about how "overfloweth" is not really a word, I'm going to facepalm myself so hard that I'll leave a bruise on my forehead.  And I have to work this afternoon, so that really would be highly inconvenient.  But back to the coffee.  This is the beauty of having a blog and having a birthday.  I blogged about how the shenanigans that take place around here on a regular basis become enough to send me to the loony bin if I don't have coffee.  Mere days later.....boom.  Coffee.  Like magic, it was appearing in gift bags, in my mailbox, and one bag was even brought to my doorstep by Roxanne the Caffeine Stork.

But now a practical question, can I freeze any of this stuff?  I mean, I love my coffee for sure, but the harsh reality is that the boys don't really allow me enough time to drink enough in one day to put a dent in this stash in a timely manner, so I need an action plan to keep the non-vacuum sealed stuff fresh.  Thoughts?

And for the record, my first day of living in a re-caffeinated state was a lovely relief....until I got the shakes and my depth perception was so out of whack that I kept running into things at work and nearly set a wine glass down on top of somebody's water glass because I thought I had more clearance.  On the bright side, I was very VERY chipper.

Can we please talk about this?  My son, my darling oldest boy.  Light of my life, fruit of my loins, joy of my existence.  (Sorry I just said "loins.")  He came back home from playing at a friend's house with neon glitter fingernails.


And then I came home from volunteering in the nursery at church on Sunday to find that his Daddy had given him a mohawk to go with his neon glitter fingernails.

If he thinks he's going to Kindergarten like that, he's nuts.  I'm just quite ready for this phase just yet.

Oh, and then I asked Micah to help his brothers pick up the toys before bed and this is what I walked in to find:

Thank goodness I have plenty of coffee.

Off to buy nail polish remover and underwear,

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