Thursday, August 8, 2013

Abby's Essential Movie Education

This is Abby.

I'm sure Abby would say "Hi," but she's distracted by trying to keep my dog from eating all her popcorn.  Abby's a great gal, but she has a big problem.  I can't presume to know Abby's history, so I have no idea if she was actually living under a rock for a significant portion of her young adult life or if some kind of tragic accident left her unable to understand how crucial it is to be familiar with the likes of Sally Albright, Harry Burns, Johnny Castle, Maverick, and Inigo Montoya.

You see, my dear Abby is suffering from a chronic case of essential movie deficiency.  And I've taken it upon myself to help her heal.

Once I realized that she had never seen When Harry Met Sally, I had to accept the terrible truth that Abby needed my help.  How could I let her go through life without ever hearing "I'll have what she's having" or seeing a wagon wheel coffee table?  Unacceptable.  Once I went down the rabbit hole, I realized how serious the problem really was and we whipped into action. 

First up?  Steel Magnolias.

She loved it. Until she fell asleep right before Shelby passed out on Halloween. Seriously, Abby? I woke her up after the hospital scene to deliver the bad news. She passed right back now and I had to shake her awake again as the Easter Bunny rode away on the back of a motorcycle.

The rest of the list:

Dirty Dancing
Top Gun
A Philadelphia Story
Sixteen Candles
The Breakfast Club
The Princess Bride
Dead Poets Society
Fried Green Tomatoes

If you need us, we will be gorging ourselves on popcorn and Albanese's House Wine and enjoying these essential cinematic classics.

Any movie that should be added to Abby's list?  Throw our your suggestions and I'll ask if she's seen them!


  1. Footloose (the original)
    Say Anything
    Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    The Goonies
    Stand By Me
    The Lost boys
    Weird Science
    Pretty in Pink
    Teen Wolf
    Back to the Future
    Ever After
    A League of Their Own
    Auntie Mame

    There are just so many!!!

  2. Our house just had the discussion about the 80's movies and the teenagers had no idea what they missed. So we will be planning the same type of thing. I am super excited. Personally, I would say "Goonies" and "The Lost Boys". Let's hear it for the 80's!!!

    Dawn @lifeinthesack

  3. Drink the juice Shelby! My mom and I constantly quote that flick. I love ya more than my luggage!

  4. Better Off Dead
    You've Got Mail

  5. I think by the time you're done with that list it's going to be the middle of the winter and you're going to have to give serious thought to timeless Christmas movies. Has she seen:

    A Christmas Story
    Miracle on 34th St.
    It's a Wonderful Life
    White Christmas (don't judge, it's my favorite, no idea why)

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