Monday, August 19, 2013

Coffee and Glitter Nailpolish

Good news everyone!  My cupboard overfloweth with coffee!

I swear, if I get a single comment about how "overfloweth" is not really a word, I'm going to facepalm myself so hard that I'll leave a bruise on my forehead.  And I have to work this afternoon, so that really would be highly inconvenient.  But back to the coffee.  This is the beauty of having a blog and having a birthday.  I blogged about how the shenanigans that take place around here on a regular basis become enough to send me to the loony bin if I don't have coffee.  Mere days later.....boom.  Coffee.  Like magic, it was appearing in gift bags, in my mailbox, and one bag was even brought to my doorstep by Roxanne the Caffeine Stork.

But now a practical question, can I freeze any of this stuff?  I mean, I love my coffee for sure, but the harsh reality is that the boys don't really allow me enough time to drink enough in one day to put a dent in this stash in a timely manner, so I need an action plan to keep the non-vacuum sealed stuff fresh.  Thoughts?

And for the record, my first day of living in a re-caffeinated state was a lovely relief....until I got the shakes and my depth perception was so out of whack that I kept running into things at work and nearly set a wine glass down on top of somebody's water glass because I thought I had more clearance.  On the bright side, I was very VERY chipper.

Can we please talk about this?  My son, my darling oldest boy.  Light of my life, fruit of my loins, joy of my existence.  (Sorry I just said "loins.")  He came back home from playing at a friend's house with neon glitter fingernails.


And then I came home from volunteering in the nursery at church on Sunday to find that his Daddy had given him a mohawk to go with his neon glitter fingernails.

If he thinks he's going to Kindergarten like that, he's nuts.  I'm just quite ready for this phase just yet.

Oh, and then I asked Micah to help his brothers pick up the toys before bed and this is what I walked in to find:

Thank goodness I have plenty of coffee.

Off to buy nail polish remover and underwear,

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