Monday, August 26, 2013

For Kaden

Aw man, you guys.   After ending last week on such a high note, I wish I could start you off on this Monday morning with some kind of knee-slapping tale of finding my kids up a tree in only their underpants, but that just isn't what's on my heart at the moment.

Do you see that #SheReadsTruth banner in my right sidebar?  I've been doing random Bible studies created by the women of She Reads Truth for a while now, maybe even more than a year.  I lose track so easily.  There is a wonderful community of women of faith on this site and I regret not getting more tapped in to getting to know the writers and the other sisters in Christ who frequent the site and the studies.

But right now, one of the writers of SRT is going through a living nightmare.  Diana Stone is the mama of one daughter here on earth and twin babies in heaven.  Having already endured the terrible loss of her twin boys, she just gave birth to sweet Kaden two weeks ago and they have been praying for a miracle since he arrived.  As of last night when I checked Instagram, they give that darling boy maybe a day or two more to live.  I don't know Diana personally, but my heart just breaks for her and for family.  I can't even imagine the pain she is suffering right now.  I love her honesty on her blog when she talks about how she wishes she had the kind of faith where she could stride boldly to the throne of God, but that she is just so broken and angry right now that she can't even find the strength to do it.

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That's the beauty of the church, my friends.  When others are too weary, we can lift them up.  Would you consider joining me today in prayer for Kaden Isaiah Stone and his sweet Mama and Daddy?  I believe that the God who spoke the stars into being is capable of miraculous healing of this baby and his parents are in desperate need of something miraculous right now.  They need miraculous faith, miraculous strength, miraculous perseverance, and miraculous support.  Regardless of the outcome for baby Kaden, the Stones need God to move in a big way.  They need all the prayers they can get as they prepare to likely say goodbye to their son.

Read all about Kaden's journey HERE and please consider joining the SRT sisters in prayer for her today.  Here is the call to prayer from the She Reads Truth team, but unfortunately Kaden's condition has worsened severely since it was written.  I checked Diana's Twitter account at 11:00 pm Sunday evening and she said they were getting ready to say goodbye to Kaden as he was close to going home to Jesus.

Oh Lord, descend on the Stone family now and wrap them in your embrace.  Give them the comfort that only you can provide and help them to remember that you have not forsaken them, even in this most devastating hour.  If there is yet hope for a miracle, let them cling to it!  Thank you for holding them near to you and wiping their tears as you identify with the pain and suffering they are feeling.  Praise be to you Lord, the one who knows the anguish of losing a child to death.  And thank you, Father that our precious savior, your son Jesus Christ not only suffered through death, but conquered it so that we may have hope for baby Kaden.  In Jesus's precious name we pray, Amen.  

UPDATE:  Kaden went home to be with Jesus after living for 21 days on this earth.  Read the post about this great loss to the Stone family from She Reads Truth HERE.  Thousands of hearts are breaking with Diana, Sam, Bella and the entire Stone family.  

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