Thursday, August 15, 2013

Let's Hear it for Thirty!

Well, here we are.  Today is my 30th birthday!

Let's not talk about the gray hair I had to yank out of my head last week, ok?  Thanks so much.  Since we already know that I won't be hitting the bars to party it up tonight, I will tell you that I plan on ringing in the new decade of life by attending a meeting at Micah's new preschool.  I get to register our key fob and learn all about the new check-in procedures and turn in all his paperwork.  Crazy times, y'all.

But that's kind of how it is when you're all adult and stuff and you have three little humans relying on you to make their world go 'round.  Birthday plans get cancelled because the car you had to buy ate up all the flexible spending money you had available.  Instead of creating an evening of festivities complete with a stretch limo, tiaras, leis and "woo girls," you find yourself searching Etsy for cute Curious George invitations for the baby's 2nd birthday party coming up in only a couple weeks.  Can I make yellow paper cups and plates look like Ted's yellow hat if I add a strip of duct tape?  Yup, I think I can.  (Totally pinning that.)

Midnight movies?  Nah, that would keep me up way past my bedtime.  Mani/Pedi with the girls?  I'm sorry, did we miss the whole part of having no spending budget right now?  Yeah.  That's so not happening.

But, lest I let my milestone birthday pass without so much as a "howdy," there are a few things that need to be said.

My thirty years have been so incredibly blessed.  I think back on the mess that I made as I entered my twenties and I am left in awe of what God has done in the last decade.  If he can turn my life around so drastically in just ten short years, I absolutely cannot wait to see what he has in store for my thirties.

And these guys.  I couldn't let my birthday pass without mentioning these crazy kids.  They run me ragged, love me beyond measure, make me laugh like no other, drive me nuts, tired me out, and bless me to the ends of the earth.  How can it be that three little men can both be responsible for the previously mentioned gray hair and keep me young all at the same time?

Speaking of love beyond measure, how did I get so lucky as to land this fella?  Oh, my friends.  He puts up with so much.  I'm about as emotionally high maintenance as they come, yet he has been faithfully by my side for 15 years.

That's half my life, y'all.


So here's to 30 years.

Thank you to all of you who come back to this site again and again to read my ramblings about this life of mine.  The truth of it is that I just really, really enjoy it and I am so glad you're here to let me flex my writing muscles from time to time.  If you'll have me, I plan to be around for quite a while yet. 

I think SPANX should send out a birthday coupon for a free pair of shapewear to its customers on their 30th birthday.  Just sayin'.

Gravity Sucks for this Birthday Girl,

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