Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Is This Our New Normal?

It's been a real quiet few days around here.

Isaiah was interviewed by FOX Sports from the Brewers dugout....

Thomas turned TWO.....

And my big boys went off to their first days of school....

Yup.  Just same old, same old.  *yawn*

Ok, so I seriously owe you people some posts.  Like, some significant posts complete with the full details, lots of photos and what-not.  But here's the skinny.  This is one of the busiest weeks in recent memory and I'm just trying to keep my head above water at the moment.  Our first day of school ended up being a big ball 'o stress due to an unexpected vehicle situation that we are still in the midst of resolving (Yes, I will blog about this) and I'm also focused right now on preparing for the kickoff of our iMoms ministry next week by taking some leadership classes and working on gathering my materials and my sanity before I am introduced to the women God has placed in my group.

Oh yeah.  And Evan's about to leave on another trip to China and I have three nights worth of work/childcare that I still need to figure out....and I'm trying not to panic about it.

And it's Micah's birthday in a week!

So, bear with me.  By the grace of God and a whole lot of coffee, I'm going to try really hard to stay on top of everything!  Now, I'm going to go eat the last birthday cupcake, meet Isaiah as he disembarks the school bus, prep dinner for Evan, pack the kids' snacks for soccer practice, get ready for work, mix up a large glass of iced coffee, and finish the grocery list before I head out to work, possibly pick up our new-to-us car (long story.....) and then go to the grocery store at 11:00 pm so I can pack the kids' lunches when I get home.  If I'm still able to keep my eyelids open after all that, I'll work on writing you a charming blog post for you to enjoy over your coffee cup tomorrow morning while I'm frantically trying to get my kids out the door so I'm on time for mom's ministry training!  Whew.  I need a nap.

If all this fails and I can't pull it off, just check out these incredible blogs for content that is satisfaction guaranteed.  I aim to please!
See you soon.  I hope.

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