Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Stitch Fix Review - You Had Me at "Mint Blazer"

My stylist is on to me.

I'm a little reluctant to even write this Stitch Fix review because I would hate for it to go to Jennifer's head!  Bah, she deserves the kudos because she ROCKED this box of stuff for me! 

(P.S.  If you're reading this and wondering what the heck this whole Stitch Fix thing is that I'm talking about, I invite you to check out my previous reviews for the more detailed run-down.)

Super Quick Recap of Stitch Fix:
  • Sign up and get on the Waiting List (this usually moves pretty quickly)
  • Fill out your detailed Style Profile
  • Schedule your first "Fix" and work yourself up into a frenzy as your stylist chooses some great clothes for you to try on
  • Pay your $20 styling fee and wait for the goodies to arrive on your doorstep
  • Receive a box full of items hand-picked by a personal stylist, just for you, based on your profile
  • Try everything on, keep what you want, send back what you don't. (The $20 styling fee comes off the price of anything you choose to keep and if you buy all 5 items, you get a 25% discount!)
First Impressions:
The colors. Oh my heavens, the colors.  Bright blue, red, coral, lovely mint.  Beautiful lovely things I couldn't wait to bust out of the box!

When I requested this Fix, I told my stylist to throw something a little unexpected at me and surprise me with something fun.  I think this tank definitely fit that description!  At first, I wasn't even sure how to wear it and still feel covered.  I admit I was intimidated by this one.

But when I saw it on, I really liked it a lot.  I made sure to have a cami on underneath (the back is sheer) and I paired it with a statement necklace as the styling card suggested and I admit I was digging it.  I loved how it hid my "trouble zone" and still looked stylin'!  KEEPER!

When I hung this top up to take the photo, I loved how the sheer fabric let the sun shine through a bit and made it look like the stripes criss-crossed.  The styling card recommended using this as a layering piece and I loved how soft it is.

I liked the wide band around the waist, but I do wish it wasn't quite as tight around my tummy.  I am definitely still rocking some extra pooch in that zone, so I would need to wear some SPANX to feel more locked and loaded in this top.  That being said, I thought it was super cute!  I paired it with some mint sandals and the horse bit bracelet I received in Fix #6. KEEPER!

Oh, and in case you weren't here last week for What I Wore Wednesday, this is the top I was wearing when I showcased the horrifying rip in the knee of my beloved Hudson skinnies.  Read all about the carnage HERE.

Item #3 was a mint blazer with pink striped cuffs.  I'm going to be totally honest and tell you I was saying a little prayer that this beauty would fit over my girls because it was GORGEOUS.

I took my cue from the styling card and wore it with a black and white polka dot blouse from The Limited.  This blazer is pure heaven.  I can't wait to play around with it to find more things to wear it with!!  KEEPER!!!

The only thing I questioned about this top was the color.  I could tell right away that the cut, the sleeve and the fit would be spot on.  

I wore this one with my skinny jeans, my trusty brown boots, and that lovely mint bracelet and I knew right away I had a great new outfit for fall.  Love it!!  KEEPER!!

Before I even show you Item #5, let me remind you of one of the fabulous features of Stitch Fix.  If you keep all FIVE items in your box, you get a 25% discount right off the top of everything.  So....since I already had my heart set on keeping all four items you have seen so far, I pretty much knew I'd be keeping the fifth item regardless of how it fit because the math just made so much more sense.  I'd be getting them for FREE!!!

Try giving your stylist a little free reign to throw something unexpected at you!  It allows you to try some items you might never would have picked for yourself that you end up loving.  If all else fails, she gets some great feedback on you and your style!

Case in point.  I told Jennifer to have some fun and throw something unexpected my way.  I'd say bright blue skinny pants are definitely out of my comfort zone!  

I tossed on the zig zag top I scored from Fix #2 and we had us a Stitch Fix Double Dip outfit!! Surprisingly, I really liked the pants!  I did realize I need to get my lazy self back to the gym and start working on losing some extra jiggle in my thighs because they were a teeny bit snug for my comfort, but a little work on my diet and exercise should fix that pretty quickly.  KEEPER!!

Two FIVE ITEM FIXES in a row??!!!  Have I mentioned lately how much I love Stitch Fix??!!


Ready to give Stitch Fix a try?  I have really enjoyed using this styling service as a way to mix things up in the wardrobe department.  It's so fun to see what my stylist has chosen!  My favorite part is that it is NOT a subscription service where you are charged every month.  You can get one Fix and be done or not get another one for several months if you choose. can choose to get a box of goodies every month.  It's your call!  CLICK HERE to get started!

Disclosure:  I was not paid by Stitch Fix to write this or any of my other reviews and all opinions are my own.  I do use a referral link so I get a credit to my Stitch Fix account when new folks get their Fix on!  Thank you for supporting this blog (and for helping keep my clothing budget under control)! 

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