Monday, September 16, 2013

What He's Been Missing

There's just no easy way for me to manage life in general when Evan is away in China.  Nothing makes me more aware of what a huge role he plays as when he's gone.  So while I watch some football without the loudest fan in the house, I want to review some what has been going on around here so he can get a bit of an update.

Our first chance to Skype with Evan came while the boys were in the bathtub.  I was able to keep them contained, but the iPad got a little damp.  When I realized this setup was bound to be more problematic than it was worth, I sat on the toilet and held the iPad so the kids could see it.  We're all about keeping it classy here, folks.

I have been utterly exhausted this entire week.  I can't really explain what's got me so rocked, but I feel like I simply cannot recharge.  Combining the late nights, the early mornings, work and the stress of solo parenting has left me completely spent.

Micah John turned FOUR.

After school on his birthday, he got to go to the office to pick out a "birthday duck."  He chose the one dressed like a cowboy.

He loved the little Lego kit I gave him at his birthday breakfast and we spent a while putting it together step by step after his little brother went down for a nap.  An hour later, Captain America's new motorcycle was left in a smashed heap o' Legos and I was left wondering why the heck I even bother to follow those blasted instructions to create masterpieces out of those infuriating little hunks of plastic vacuum fodder.

I brought the boys to Chili's to celebrate Micah's birthday on Tuesday so the kids' meals were free.  Our server was very patient and kind to us despite the fact that my boys were acting like absolutely maniacs.  I had drilled the "out in public" rules to them in the van on the way over, but they were still being difficult.  I took the opportunity to do something I have wanted to do for quite some time - leave a 100% tip. 

Micah had his 4 year well-child checkup and it came as no surprise that he is still above the 100% for both height and weight.  My little trooper was so brave for his 3 shots though!

Isaiah scored the final goal at his soccer game Saturday morning and when I asked him to give me his best "I scored a goal" smile for Daddy, this is what I got.  Really, there are no other words I can give for this one.

Thomas gave me a similar pose when he finally came to the blissful realization that the doughnut holes Grandma had brought to the game were...get this....covered in SUGAR!!! 

Mind.  Blown.

Missing you so much, Evan.  Be safe, stay healthy, and know that we are praying for your swift and safe return home!

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