Monday, October 28, 2013

The Amazing Spiderman

All you darling people who scroll through Pinterest and find the most adorable hand-made costumes for your children....I applaud you.

Those of you who actually come up with the original ideas that eventually become the pins that lazy people like me are pinning on have legitimate super powers, my friend.

As for me, I try to work as little as possible at creating an outfit that my kid is only going to wear for twenty minutes while he walks down our cul-de-sac begging for candy before he inevitably decides he's too tired, too hot, too cold, his belly hurts, his hair hurts, or he peed himself and in a blink all that hard work is for naught. 

To me - Halloween costumes are like prom dresses for kids.  I really don't want to put in a ton of time, effort, or money, but they still need to be adorable because the cuter the kid, the more candy for me.

Case in point - The Amazing Spiderman.

Isaiah - 2010
I bought this Spiderman costume for $14 at either Walmart or Target or something of the like in 2010. 

My neighbor was kind enough to let me borrow her son's Spiderman Easter basket to complete the costume and my boy rocked that Webslinger look.

The cheeks!  The eyes!!!  The sucker!! 

Yes, that is a police car in the background.  No, there was no illegal activity taking place at the Trunk or Treat event at the local church where we were collecting candy.  They were there handing out glow sticks, stickers, and some super cute police-themed trading cards. 

And making sure the pastor kept himself in line.  That guy is crazy.  (Miss you Rob!!)

Fast forward a year and Spiderman made his triumphant return.

Isaiah and Micah - 2011
For those of you playing along at home, allow me to break down the math for you.  In the first photos, Isaiah was a month shy of turning 3 years old when he wore the Spiderman costume.  In the photo above, Micah is 23 months old

Have mercy, son.

Let's turn the page on another year, shall we?

Micah - 2012
I squeezed Micah into the costume one more time just so I could take this photo for the invitation to his superhero birthday party.  The mask was difficult enough to get on, but that costume was like trying to squeeze a 10 pound sausage into a 5 pound casing. We got 'er done though!

Thomas - 2013
When it suddenly hit me last week that Halloween was sneaking up on me, I did the laziest thing possible and raided the dress up box I keep in the kids' closet.  I pulled out The Amazing Spiderman and lo and behold, it was time for Thomas to take his turn. 

I'm hoping for a whole bunch of Reeces Peanut Butter Cups and Almond Joys, myself.

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