Thursday, November 14, 2013

A 3:15 PM Conversation

Micah: Mommy, I all done!

Me: Ok, buddy.  Start with four squares.  Wipe, fold, then wipe again.

Micah: I want to do a Star Wars puzzle.

Me:  Sure, honey.  Let's just finish this first.

Micah:  Did you pause Snow White?

Me:  No I didn't.

Micah:   So I'm going to miss it?

Me:  A little bit, yes.

Micah:  Did Luke Skywalker have to go poop on the spaceship?

Me:  Ummmm, yeah.  He probably did.

Micah: There's poop on my tentacles.

Me:  They're called testicles, honey.  

Micah:  Can I go watch Snow White now?  

Me:  Wash your hands first.

Micah:  But they're clean!  Here....smell it!  

Me: I'll be in the kitchen.   

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