Friday, November 8, 2013

Because the Cleaning Can Wait

A couple days ago, I found myself eating a bowl of Cocoa Krispies while I snuggled on the couch with Micah and watched The Croods.  While I munched on my mediocre cereal, I realized a couple things:

1.  I must be hormonal or something because why the heck else would I eat a bowl of Cocoa Krispies in the middle of the day....especially after I had already been stealing chocolate candy bars from the kids' Halloween bags since the sun came up.  Seriously, my breakfast that day was a Jimmy Dean Delights sandwich made with egg white for a grand total of 250 calories.  And a Twix Bar.  And an Almond Joy.  And ok fine....a Butterfinger too!!

2.  I really should have been cleaning since my house still looked pretty much exactly like the photos I took for Monday's post, but I thought about how that was approximately 30 days worth of work and I had a grand total of 30 minutes to spare before the big kid would get off the bus and I would have to start coming up with some kind of plan for supper.

So I left my tush on that couch.

Because sometimes, I need that half an hour to just be still.  To leave my boy's head rested against my chest.  To occasionally reach up and run my fingers through his hair or poke him in the side to make him giggle.  When he looked at me with that little side dimple and said, "Mommy you come cuddle by me?" - how could I refuse?

All too soon, the door flew open and suddenly there were fights to break up, lunch boxes to unpack, pasta to boil, hamburger to brown, tables to set, phone calls to answer and on and on and on.

But for that 30 minutes, it was just us and the caveman family.  And it was AWESOME. 

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