Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Morning

The coffee maker beeped to let me know my pot was fresh and ready and as I took my first few sips, I surveyed the status of things.  After a quick glance in the mirror, I realized my option to "sleep just a little longer" had resulted in a gnarly case of bed-head.  Looks like I won't be walking Isaiah out the door to the bus stop today!

Bus  Doggonit.  I forgot to pack Isaiah a lunch again.  "You're having school lunch again today, buddy!"


I love that he didn't want to hurt my feelings so he kept his disappointment under wraps.  Love that kid.

Once my big boy is safely on the bus, it's just me and the littles.  One of those littles is still in his dinosaur footie PJs and is carrying around an Elmo sandwich cutter.

The other has already asked me for two snacks.

The toothpaste is sitting out on the counter with the cap off and the hand soap dispenser is askew.

There is pee sitting in the toilet.

The hampers are overflowing and I suddenly realize I really need a shower because I don't think that's the laundry I smell.

I pour myself another cup of coffee, careful to ration a bit because my coffee grinder broke last night so I can't make more until I go buy one and I most certainly will not be showering immediately and putting on real pants to go to the store when the wind is howling and it looks like this:

So instead, I savor that half cup of coffee and snuggle a bit with that little boy in the dinosaur PJs and look at the fireplace that my husband says I decorated too early.

My middle boy races around the living room, smashing into the couch as he experiments with his "creature powers," making the little pre-lit tree behind the couch shake just a bit.  The snowman ornament I chose for this year fits right in with the others I have started collecting for that special little tree that welcomes us home as we turn the corner and see its gentle lights sparkling in the window.

So maybe I am a little stinky.

But it's snowing outside and cozy in here.  There's still some coffee left and there are Christmas cards to address.

It's going to be a good day.   

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