Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Five Kids Blog: The Very Real and Necessary Dangers of a Secret Chocolate Stash

We all have weak moments in the parenting battle, don't we?  Those times when we are just so DONE with the whining, the stomping, and the tantrum-throwing in the middle of Target that we abandon all principles and opt instead for desperation.  

Defeated, you blurt out the "T-word."  You know the one.


That's right you darling child whom I seem to remember loving so dearly this morning as he kissed me good morning and then wiped his snot on my pajamas who now is about two seconds away from being traded to the nearest shopper in exchange for their Starbucks gift card....if you can stop acting like a lunatic so we can finish shopping for our toilet paper and votive candles in relative peace and quiet, I will give you a treat when we get home.  And not like a "look it's a carrot stick!" kind of treat, but a very real and very sugary kid-crack kind of treat.....

To read the rest of this post, hop over to Five Kids is a Lot of Kids, one of my FAVORITE blogs on the entire Internet where I am guest posting today.  You may even get a breakfast/dinner/brinner recipe idea.  

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