Monday, January 13, 2014

The Gift Boxes

We all know how the saying goes: A picture is worth a thousand words.

I highly doubt I'm going to be able to write a 1000 word post on this one photo, but the people who know stuff about blogging say that you aren't supposed to write posts that long anyway because then people won't want to read them, so I guess I'm all set!

Because I'm very on top of things, I just emptied out my son's take-home folder from Kindergarten on Thursday of last week because it was threatening to erupt with all the drawings and handouts and projects that were still in there from Christmas.  I have a terrible habit of not looking in that folder every day like I am supposed to.  And when I do actually open the folder and empty it, I tend to just dump half of it in a pile of the kitchen counter and the other half goes right in the garbage can while Isaiah is at school and can't bust me throwing his stuff away.  I know, I know.  I'm that terrible mom who doesn't keep every. single. paper. her kid ever wrote on with pencil, pen, marker, or crayon.  I admit it.

But this one I kept.

I'm not entirely certain of the context of the assignment or what the prompt was to help Isaiah choose what to draw, but I love how this paper speaks volumes about my kid.

1.  He makes simple mistakes when he gets excited - just like Mommy.
I promise you, my kid knows how to spell his name.  There is no doubt in my mind that Isaiah was so jacked up to either start drawing the pictures in the boxes or because he had just finished creating what he knew was straight up awesome, so he got all caught up in alternating the green and red markers instead of focusing on actually spelling his name right.  I smiled and rolled my eyes a bit when I saw this because I'm the same exact way.

2.  Sounding out words is really clicking in his head.
He might not be able to nail the spelling, but the whole concept of "sound it out" makes sense to my boy.  He thinks about what the word sounds like when you say it out loud and he is usually able to come close to getting the letters right, at least to the point where someone can tell what he's trying to spell.  This makes me very, very proud!

3.  He loves his Mommy.
There is a third box that isn't shown in the photo above, but it has a "nekles" in it.  And see that middle box?  It has "eren" in it.  Translation: Necklace and Earrings.  And if you look really closely at the gift tag up in the top left corner, it says that these gift boxes are to "Mom from I."  My guess is that the teacher asked the kids to draw in the boxes the gifts they would like to give to someone for Christmas and my son chose me.  He chose to give me jewelry because he sees me wearing those items a lot.  I love that he picked up on those details and drew them because he knew I would love them.

4.  We are successfully raising a Nerd Child.
Please direct your attention to that first box.  My face lit up like a Christmas tree when I saw what Isaiah drew in the first box - it is a book labeled "Hobet."  Yes, friends.  Yes.  My heart leaped and I did a little happy dance because it proved to me that the times we have spent snuggled on the couch while I read aloud from "The Hobbit" have not been in vain.  He is engaged, interested, and connecting with the story.  He is enjoying it and appreciating it.  Proud mama right here.  PROUD.  

As much as I am frequently the mom who throws things in the garbage on the sly, this is one masterpiece that I won't be parting with anytime soon.  At least, not until I have had a chance to scan it and print it out at a reasonable size to put in his scrapbook. 

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