Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Day and Stuff

Another China trip is imminent.  Not for me, but for him.

That means I have been recruiting babysitters and writing their names on a color-coded chart hung on the refrigerator.  It means I have been attempting to create a meal plan so the babysitter has as little hassle as possible when it comes to feeding my kids. 

It means I've been stocking up on wine for solo Downton Abbey viewing/scrapbooking sessions after the kids go to bed.  It means my stress level has been slowly climbing all week and will continue to do so until he drives away that morning, at which point it will boil over into a full on crazy woman status. 

It means it's been a busy week.

Be prepared for more late night ramblings when I don't feel like going to bed yet because it's going to be freezing in there.  I'll likely do my typical whining about how much I dislike being a single parent who works nights and weekends.

The laundry will not get folded.  At least until my mother gets here.  It drives her crazy, so I'm certain she will do it for me.

If it snows, don't go for a walk past my house because the likelihood that I clear the sidewalks sufficiently will be slim to none.  The snowblower kinda scares me.

But since it's Valentine's Day and I'll be working hard tonight to make it a special night for every other couple as I bring them bottles of wine and plates of surf & turf, I'll just have to give a shout out to my Valentine here.

Happy Valentine's Day to the only fella who could put up with my crazy without wanting to murder me in my sleep.  Or at least, he hasn't acted on it yet.  As far as I know, that urge has been mild enough to be easily repressed without too much danger of action.

Right honey? 

Oh yeah, he totally digs me.


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