Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Project Life Tuesday - Week 36 (Yes, of 2013 because yes I am that far behind!)

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Welcome to Project Life Tuesday!  Yeah, so this is a series I used to have up on the blog every single Tuesday when I was on top of things, but ever since I let the craziness of life take over my....well, LIFE it has been hard to stay caught up.  In fact, my last Project Life post was in November.

Have mercy.

So, I'm trying to make a concentrated effort to spend time every week playing around with my Project Life stuff to get caught back up.  As you can see, I still have a long way to go in 2013 before I even make it to the year we are currently in, but I'll get there.  I'm going pretty much exclusively digital for a while just until I can get current and then I'm going to take a night off, grab a glass of wine, and cover my kitchen table with all my fabulous projects and have a blast using my physical core kits and other goodies.

A gal can dream, right?

If you're looking for inspiration on what others are doing with their Project Life, you can check out my board on Pinterest and be sure to link up on The Mom Creative!

Away we go with Week 36!  So much going on in this week: Our return to Miller Park on invitation of the Milwaukee Brewers, Thomas's birthday party, the first day of school, and Isaiah's first soccer game.

I should also probably mention that I pretty much copied my friend Sara for 98% of this layout for two reasons:  1.  I love her Project Life style and girl has mad skills.  2.  She doesn't mind that I completely rip her off.

I used the School mini kit for the majority of the left and right pages of this spread, both Design A templates.

So many moms are a hot mess on the first day of school, but it was all I could do to keep from skipping and dancing as I walked away from the school!  It was so neat to have some alone time with Thomas.  Of course, my bubble was burst later when I picked Micah up from preschool and found out that I got a "lunch citation" on the very first day for sending him popcorn.  I laugh about it now, but I was pretty embarrassed at the time!

The right side was created with the School kit and the Soccer mini kit.  I love the shots my hubby got at Isaiah's first soccer game!

I also used a Design B page for documenting the other two big events of the week - The Brewer game and Thomas's birthday party. 

I used the Coral kit for both sides of this insert.  I'm also going to include in this week a couple print-outs of the news stories about Isaiah so we can remember this really special experience.

Believe it or not, I used that same Coral kit on the flip side of the Design B for the birthday party, but I changed some of the colors to match with the color scheme of the party.  I took the invitation I designed and shrunk it down to fit on a 3x4 journal card in that middle spot.  Gee, do you think Thomas likes Curious George a little bit?

I'm also going to be tossing in a horizontal 5x7 into the mix here for these two photos:

Can you even HANDLE how much Micah looks like his Grandpa?  It's ridiculous.  Adorable and ridiculous.  

And so concludes Week 36.  Can we all just say a teeny prayer for a moment that it doesn't take me three months to get another week finished?   Thanks so much.

Until next time kids.
The Mom Creative

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