Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Project Life Tuesday - Weeks 36-39

The Mom Creative

It's Tuesday so that means it's time to share more of what I've been working on in my Project Life album and I am pleased to announce that I have been BUSY!  I've been blowing off things like dishes, laundry, and personal hygiene all in the name of getting caught up on my albums.

So I may be a little stinky, but at least I have a couple weeks worth of layouts to share with you today!

If you're looking for inspiration on what others are doing with their Project Life, you can check out my board on Pinterest and be sure to link up on The Mom Creative!

Week 37:

I used the Jade digital kit for this week, with a little bit from the Just Add Color collection tossed in there for fun - a week where my middle son turned 4 and my husband was away in China on business. 

We had photo day for my son's soccer team, so I bought a copy of the photos and then scanned them in to include in the album.  I also love that I got to make a more girly card in the bottom right corner when my friend Rachael came over with her baby girl!  Oh, and be sure to check out those stats from the boys' checkups on the left.  I'm not exaggerating when I talk about how big of a dude Micah is, everyone.

Week 38:

I didn't have a ton of photos for this week, so I used more filler cards than usual.  Still, I love how it turned out because I could include a lot of journaling to tell more stories.  This is the Kraft Kit.

I thought the goofy photos of the kids with the crazy hats went well with the mustache date card.  :)

The stickers on the photo of my dirty kitchen and on the photo from Culvers are from the Just Add Color kit.

Want one more?

Sure.  Why not?

Week 39:

I used the Amy Tan Cut & Paste kit for this week and I love how I got to have a couple little girly elements without it becoming too frilly.

SPOILER ALERT!!  If you haven't read the entire Harry Potter series, do NOT look at the right page of this layout closely!!


When Isaiah brought home this dinosaur drawing from a young lady in his Kindergarten class, we got our first indication that he might end up being a very popular dude among the girls.  That has proved to be very, very true.


You've been warned.


See that photo of the back of a car on the far right side?  I found myself driving behind it on my way to work and I had to take a photo because it had very large letters on the back that read, "Snape kills Dumbledore."  So cruel but so funny all at the same time!

The Mom Creative

Thus ends another edition of Project Life Tuesday!  With any luck, I'll see you back again next week!


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