Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Evening Plans

Well, here we go again.

Evan is currently on an airplane and I am plunked down in the living room avoiding Twitter because I don't want to accidentally read any spoilers for The Walking Dead or Downton Abbey. 

There's a little red light gleaming on my cable box right now and it is reassuring me that as long as I can hunker down and actually get something accomplished between the Kid Bedtime hour of 8:00 and completion of my favorite TV hour of the week at 9:00, I can pour myself a glass of Malbec and enjoy one show filled with the undead followed by another show filled with the English aristocracy.

Two sides of the same coin, really.

It's only the first day of this installment of Business Trip Widow and I ended up having no clue what to do for dinner.  So I ordered Domino's pizza.  While the kids were glued to the computer watching the little "Order Tracker" screen that shares the pizza creation process in real time....

....I sat down at the table to create a lovely color coded chart for writing down a meal plan for every night the kids will have a babysitter while Evan is away.  Healthy, balanced, simple to prepare meals carefully written in each box.

Then I ate three slices of pizza.

I wrote "Pizza Delivery" in two of those perfectly symmetrical orange boxes on the chart and then vowed to start eating better again tomorrow.  No sense starting immediately since I had big plans for a tryst later with the Crawley family, a bag of OREOS, and a certain dark beauty named Punto Final who has been sitting on my counter for several days now feeling oh so neglected.

When I make plans, I follow through with them by golly.

See?  Seven minutes to spare until the little red light turns off and Mama Time begins.  I think it's fair to say that writing a blog post counts as "accomplishing something," wouldn't you agree?

I thought you would. 

Here's to hoping none of my favorite characters get killed off this evening.  In either show.

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