Monday, February 10, 2014

The Beast Attacks

If you walk by our house at any given moment, it's likely you will hear the growling of a vicious beast.  He bares his teeth at dangerous ruffians as they disembark from what could only be a yellow and black dragon that stops twice each day to nest right outside our front window.

This same beast also likes to attack my children.

What starts off as a hug and a gentle pet on the head quickly escalates to a battle for dominance.

The standoff begins.

Quick as a flash, the predator bursts forward and pounces on his prey, tail moving frenetically as his buries his snout in the underbelly of the unsuspecting victim.  Squeals come pouring fourth as the helpless creature squirms to fight back.

But wait.  

Ever the gentleman, the ruthless blood-lust of our hunter subsides and he steps back to enjoy the thrill of the hunt and relish his conquest once he has admitted his defeat.

His victory dance is a good scratch behind the ears courtesy of his best buddy.

We seriously love this dog.  It drives me crazy when he growls and barks his head off as kids walk by or a squirrel comes too close to the front door, but he loves my kids and guards them with everything he has.  And he is really good at playing Micah's favorite game. 

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