Friday, April 25, 2014

I Win Today.

Written on an afternoon this very week when I was feeling particularly accomplished and perhaps a slight bit smug.

I woke up early today so I could shower and put on makeup before the kids got up so I wouldn't have to go to my Bible study group looking like....well, like I normally do.  I woke up without an alarm and, hand to God, I only went back to dozing for five minutes tops before I got out of bed without audibly cursing or needed a cup of coffee shoved immediately into my hand.

Did I take a shower?  I did not.  But I did manage to wash my hair using the hand held shower head, so that totally counts. 

I was dressed, hair sprayed, and mascaraed before the last of my sons got out of bed and spent a few minutes snuggling with my youngest while he played with a plastic Thomas the Train candy container I got on clearance at Target.

Two out of three kids dressed themselves in weather appropriate attire, but Thomas doesn't dress himself yet so I'm still going to call this one a success.

Everyone ate breakfast.
Everyone was ready in time to leave the house.
One out of three brushed their teeth.

For bonus points, I even remembered to push the ON button on the crock pot before we hustled out the door and had our daily battle over who gets to push the button to open the power sliding doors on the minivan. 

Today - nailed it.

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