Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shark Tooth

Isaiah had a tooth wiggling since January, but he was never able to wrestle it free.  Months passed and he kept messing with it, but it refused to budge.  A couple weeks ago, Evan even tried the old trick of tying a string around it to yank it out, but it was no good. 

For some reason, that tooth just did not want to come out. 

We didn't think much of it until Evan noticed one day that the permanent tooth was already coming in, but it had broken through the gum behind the stubborn baby tooth.  I called the dentist and they confirmed that this was definitely something we needed to get taken care of, so we brought him in to get his very first loose tooth extracted.

Poor kid.  Most kids get the thrill of yanking out that first tooth and putting it under their pillow, but Isaiah had to go in to the dentist to have them pull it out for him.  Plus, Mommy had a to write out a check for a copay of $46.75.  For a tooth. 

The dentist told us what Isaiah had was known as a "Shark Tooth."  He suddenly felt pretty B.A.

What was pretty cool was watching Micah take the whole scene in.  He stood right next to the dental chair at Isaiah's hand.  While he comforted his big brother (who really was just peachy), he asked the dental assistant about all the tools in her arsenal.  He wanted to know their names, what they did, and requested a demonstration of each item.  The dentist got such a kick out of it that she declared that Micah was destined to become a dentist one day.  He seemed pretty excited at that prospect, but I was less than thrilled at the idea of that many student loans.

Isaiah was very brave and only flinched a little when the dentist used the "yankers" to pull his tooth out. They presented him with a teeny little yellow treasure box and then the dentist excitedly proclaimed, "Now you get to put your tooth under your pillow!  Who's going to come visit you tonight??!!"  Behind Isaiah's back, I was making huge chopping motions across my neck and shaking my head.  She suddenly noticed the message I was trying to send and her face went into panic mode.  Meanwhile, Isaiah was considering her enthusiastic question and responded, "Ummmm....Daddy?"  Luckily, the dentist had fully picked up on my "We don't do the Tooth Fairy" vibe and said, "Daddy is going to be home tonight? Awesome!!"

Fun for me. 

I guess we will wait to see if the tooth next door comes out on its own or if it's going to cost me another $46.  I think the Tooth Fairy would've been a bargain at this point! :)

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