Thursday, April 24, 2014

TBT Stories - Before "The Mystery Man at Miller Park"

Five years before all the hoopla about "The Mystery Man at Miller Park," we took Isaiah to his first Milwaukee Brewers game.

He was about nine months old and we drove hours down to Milwaukee to attend my husband's summer work party being held at the stadium.  We were understandably nervous about how our infant would handle the excitement and the unfamiliar setting.

But that kid was PERFECT.

He ate well, napped in the Moby, and giggled the day away.

And just like he did five years later, he charmed the socks off everyone he met and put a smile on their faces.

Isaiah asked me the other day if we planned on going to another Brewers game this year.  I told him that we would love to take him to another game, but he would have to understand that not every baseball game is going to turn out like it did last year.  That kid had a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a local celebrity for a couple weeks and that he shouldn't expect to get interviewed on TV....

....or invited into the Brewers dugout during batting practice.

But Isaiah insists that he is most excited about the game itself.  He is saving his special personalized jersey for the first day back at the ballpark.

I'm looking forward to it too, kiddo. (But it would still be pretty sweet to meet Ryan Braun.  Just sayin')

Happy #TBT.

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