Friday, May 9, 2014

A Few Quick Things

First we need to get something straight.  I don't publish posts like the previous one lightly.  I don't do it for a pop in blog traffic (and one such person was so kind as to accuse me of), I don't do it to throw out Bible verses as a way to flippantly brush off tragedy, and I most certainly don't write posts like that in an attempt to get a debate going. Certainly I never expected that publishing a post of support and condolences would be met with such backlash and quite frankly I am just sick of it.  I understand that the Internet is a very big world and that anybody and everybody can do a Google search, but it is so infuriating to open up my email and find accusatory, hurtful, and insensitive comments directed at me.

Part of blogging is opening yourself up to certain attacks.  I get that.  But this was just too much.  I got mad and I started deleting comments, something I don't usually do.  But I wasn't about to stand for such things to be said to me or anyone else because of the tragedy of that sweet boy's death.  Unacceptable.

And if you were among the folks who found that post with a Google search and left me a nice comment expressing your shared condolences for the Saldana family or shared a moment of encouragement - thank you.  My rant is not for you.  

I'm off my soap box now.  Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. 

Probably part of the reason I'm so punchy today is the lack of sleep and abundance of stress that has invaded our world this week.  Isaiah has been complaining of stomach pains for the last couple days and without going into exhaustive detail of his symptoms, I'll just say that I thought for sure that this kid had appendicitis.  Running on only 3 hours of sleep, I brought him to the emergency room at Children's Hospital early yesterday morning.

After many many hours, a couple doctors, and an X-ray....we found out that his appendix looked fine, he had a clear colon, and there was really no immediate explanation for his pain.  Good news - no appendicitis and no rushing to surgery.  Bad news - No clue why this kid is hurting followed by another night of him waking up screaming in pain. 

I sent him back to school this morning, but I'll be picking him up shortly to bring him to see our primary care physician to see if we can get some answers.  This has been going on for three days now and the poor kid and his mama are both getting really sick of it.

Again, apologies for the lack of posts this week and extra apologies for the lack of the light-hearted snarkiness that has become my signature.  It was pretty cool to play sentry for my neighbors to try to alert them at the approach of the hooligans who toilet-papered their trees and spray painted penises on furniture before dropping them on their front lawn, but that's a story for another day.  :)

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