Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Itineraries are my Life

Please remind me the next time Evan is away in China (which is going to be very soon, by the way) that his time spent on those hellish 14 hour flights to the other side of the world are what made our anniversary vacation possible.  Do not let me forget that it was his airline miles that made it affordable.  I'm already starting to develop my usual attitude problem that arrives promptly before his departure for China and I really need to get my head on straight about this.

It's because of those trips that our plane tickets cost us $20.


Now I know I don't get to travel much, but I'm pretty sure that was a pretty significant savings right there.  Once we had the flights booked and the car rental reserved, we had to decide where we wanted to stay and what we wanted to do while down in Savannah.

This is where my very real friends on the Internet came through for me.  In a rapid succession of Facebook posts and emails, it was decided that we absolutely had to stay at least a couple nights out on Tybee Island, kind of the Georgia version of Hilton Head.  I have Jessica Turner to thank for that suggestion because I know I wouldn't have thought outside the box enough to have reached Tybee on my own.  Jessica was also kind enough to forward me an email from Stephanie Howell about her favorite places in Savannah to eat, drink, shop, and otherwise.  I had read Stephanie's blog for years and had tweeted back and forth with her from time to time and this email list was pure GOLD.

She's even been commenting on my Pins on my Pinterest board and steering me away from the tourist traps and toward more of the local favorites.  LOVE HER.  

Funny story - when Evan first delivered his decision that we were indeed going to take a vacation and there would be no argument about it, I made a point to promise him that I wouldn't over-plan.  No color coded itinerary, no spreadsheet with every hour of every day accounted for.  In fact, I put it in writing in the form of a lovely little love note that I left on his pillow.

It's a good thing I wasn't home when he read it because I'm sure he burst out laughing when he read it.

In my defense, it was a solid week before I called him at work and said, "I'm sorry, but I just can't help myself.  I'm making an itinerary in Excel on Google Docs for the trip."  Most likely I started to rant about how certain things needed to be booked far in advance so they wouldn't fill up because wouldn't we feel disappointed and stupid if we got all the way down there only to find that every tour was full, every dinner reservation time taken, every hotel booked. No, no I couldn't allow that to happen.

At least it's not color-coded.  Yet.

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