Monday, June 30, 2014


As I sit here and watch Parenthood while I procrastinate on doing all the things that need doing around here before we leave for our vacation, I figured I had better do something about the blinking cursor and the blank pages on this here blog.

It turns out that having zero free time is not exactly conducive to cultivating creativity.  In the few moments I've had to put my fingers to the keys, it's been frustrating not to see anything come out.  There are snippets here and there when I hop on Instagram or Twitter for a few moments, but it's been an uphill battle lately to stay plugged in to my "real world," let alone maintain the connections I have in my online one.

The good news that my very wise husband reminds me of nearly every day is that this is just a season of life that won't last forever.  For a little while, my online presence will be fading in and out as best I can sneak it in.

One thing I'm learning to do a little more is delegate, so I've gone ahead and hired an assistant.  I just needed someone to help me keep up a little better with checking and responding to email, spell checking my snarky Facebook status updates, and maybe a little light cleaning here and there.  Hey, I can't be expected to do everything.

Maybe I'm already working him too hard. 

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