Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Simple Indulgence - Review and Giveaway for The Simple Soap

I don't know about all of you, but I am jacked up about school starting today. Sure, I only have one kid heading out today and I have to figure out how to get his two brothers to their two respective completely different schools at totally different areas of town at the exact same time I'm supposed to be at work, but ohyeahthatsright....they start on different days.

Just another dose of fun around here, friends.

But we made it. Summer is in the books and I'm shipping these boys off to school. In my book, that deserves a glass of red wine and a little extra fist bump to my fellow mamas out there who also just barely held on by their fingernails for these last couple weeks.

We deserve a little pampering at this point, don't you think?

I'm there for ya.  Now, if you've been around here for a while you know I'm not exactly the organic-obsessed granola-crunchy type, but I'm going to go ahead and admit that this little treat I've got for you today is very simple, organic, and indulgent all at the same time.

Website - www.thesimplesoap.com 

I don't do a lot of giveaways around here.  It's just not really my thing.  But when Emily from The Simple Soap contacted me about offering up three of these delicious soaps to you and I thought about the summer we've had doing ALL THE THINGS with the kids and work and playdates and pool days and sunscreen and late nights and early mornings and everything else....I decided it was a great idea. 

My vision for you is that you actually indulge in a shower of a full ten minutes someday so you can fully enjoy this soap.  :)

Here's how The Simple Soap describes their products:

The Simple Soap is made from the finest organic ingredients.  We combine natural palm, coconut and olive oils with herbs and essential oils to provide long lasting, fragrant and luxurious feeling soaps.  Our soaps are not made with perfumes and additives that tend to dry out and irritate the skin.  When our customers use The Simple Soap they can be confident that they are making a healthy choice for both their families and the environment.

Got it? Organic, natural, healthy. Oh, and it smells good.  :)

Now, here's what I think of this stuff.

When I opened up the box, I was struck by how yummy the soap smelled. Not overpowering, just indulgent. I was especially excited about this Organic Creamsicle bar. It has a light citrus scent that convinced me it was the one I wanted to try out first. 

I have super-dry skin. So dry that I often take off black dress pants and have to shake out the dead skin that coats the inside of my pant legs.  Sexy, huh? Welcome to my life. I'm very skeptical of soaps and body washes and stuff because the last thing I want to do is dry my skin out even more.

To test out this bar, I put on my exfoliating shower glove that I use about twice a year when I actually remember that I own it and lathered it up with this soap. It rinsed clean and didn't leave any filmy residue, but I was most impressed by how it didn't dry out my skin at all! My skin felt soft all day and I could still detect the subtle scent hours later. 

In addition to the Creamsicle soap, I also got bars of Organic Lemongrass and Organic Fresh Aloe.

The Lemongrass is definitely the strongest smelling of the three soaps, but in a good way.  My husband really loves lemon desserts, so I think this one will be a hit in our house. By contrast, the Aloe is very very subtle. It's very close to having no scent at all, but instead just smells.....soft. Does that even make sense? 

When is someone going to invent smell-o-blogging?

Get Me Some Soap!

The Simple Soap is offering their products via a new subscription service that sends out a box of three organic, handmade bars of soap. With over 20 amazing scents, each month's soap is sure to surprise you. A single bar of soap will usually be enough for one person for an entire month. The attractive soaps are perfect for everyday use in the shower or by the sink and also make an amazing gift idea. There is also an option for a 2-bar per month box. Go get signed up here


Let's be honest...this is the best part. One lucky winner will score their own box featuring three bars of these hand-crafted organic soaps. Sweet, right?!  Enter below to win!

Disclosure - The Simple Soap provided the product for my review and for the giveaway, but all opinions are my own.

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