Tuesday, September 30, 2014

SNAP Challenge

When a good friend calls on you for a favor, you do your best to come through for her. When you realize that the favor you have agreed to means you will be missing out on your morning Starbucks for three days, you take a moment to really reconsider how much you really liked her to begin with. Once you come to terms with the fact that Starbucks really isn't that necessary to life, at least not for three days, we move on and get to work.

Abby challenged me to try the Waukesha County SNAP Challenge, a way to recognize and draw attention to how difficult it is to provide nutritious, balanced meals on the tight budget allowed by FoodShare Wisconsin program. FoodShare Wisconsin helps low-income families and individuals to buy nutritious food.

I've done an awkward little video in the way of introduction so you know what to expect on the blog. If nothing else, I'm going on a little mini-diet for a couple days!

So if you have any bright ideas about how I can stretch my dollar and still eat right for this challenge, I am all ears!

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