Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Lemonade Stand

"I have to get some work done today," I said. "Two posts. At least. I absolutely MUST write at least two posts today. And I have research I need to do and another project I should get started on. Ok?"

So I went to my office/bedroom and sat down. I could hear the commotion in the kitchen as the four lemons I bought at the grocery store today were sliced, punctured, and squeezed to make homemade lemonade.

Perfect, I thought. The boys will be so busy with their lemonade stand that I can focus and get so much done!

Ah, the best laid plans.

Here's why setting up a lemonade stand didn't exactly work out as I had hoped.

  1. "Mommy can you taste this lemonade to see if it is good?" Sure, honey. It needs more lemon. Tell Daddy it needs more lemon. Lemonade does sound kind of good on a warm day like today. Warm, but cloudy. Wait, are those rain clouds?
  2. I should check to see if it's going to rain. I'd hate to have the kids' entrepreneurial dreams dashed by raindrops right after they open up shop. Check the weather on my phone app. Realize it is worthless so try instead. Looks like just some cloud cover but no rain in the forecast.
  3. Should I be helping set up?
  4. Do they even have change? I'd better dig through my wallet and find as many quarters as I can.
  5. Hey look, gum!
  6. I need to hide this gum somewhere where the kids won't find it because the last time they were allowed to have gum, I was finding it fossilized to the carpet on the floorboards of my minivan. Except for that one Micah swallowed right in front of us after we specifically told him not to.
  7. I should really set up both computer screens. The most productive people use two screens when they work and I wouldn’t want Evan to think he had gone through all that trouble for nothing.
  8. Better check my email.
  9. Oooo look! New official portraits of Princess Charlotte with her big brother Prince George!!! Posting those to my Facebook wall, for sure.
  10. Wind up watching the video that person from my high school posted of the senior class video she found on VHS in her basement. Cringe. Realize this video is 30 minutes long and I really need to get back to work.
  11. See an image of myself flash across the screen from when I still wore braces. When is the last time I went to the dentist? Ugh, I really need to take care of that and make an appointment. Sounds like a lot of work.
  12. Work. Know what would help me work? A beer.
  13. What's that? The kids have a customer? Cute! I run out there to see as they hand the sweet neighbor girl her lemonade and remind Isaiah to use his manners.
  14. "Isaiah, where are your brothers?"
  15. Find the brothers. Come back in the house to scold Evan only to be interrupted by him reading aloud an article about how an email proved that FIFA and South Africa struck a 10 million dollar deal.
  16. I miss football.  How many days until football starts? Google "Green Bay Packers 2015 Schedule."
  17. I wonder how much those tickets to the Bears game where Favre's jersey will be retired are running for folks.
  18. I'm hungry.
  19. It seems like all the successful bloggers are using Buffer or CoSchedule or one of those fancy pants social media schedulers. I really need to be doing that. Maybe just ten minutes researching that and then I'll know what direction I need to go in.
  20. Has One Direction released anything new lately?
  21. Wait, or is it One Republic I'm thinking of? Which one does "Love Runs Out?"
  22. Music! That's what I need! I go grab the wireless speaker only to realize the battery is dead.
  23. Pandora then.
  24. Sure enough, it was One Republic, not One Direction I was thinking of. That's really confusing.
  25. One Republic isn't really good writing music. I should probably do something like Lauren Daigle. I want to buy her whole album.
  26. And "Forever" by Kari Jobe. Gotta have that one. It makes me cry every time.
  28. I have to pee.
  29. These jeans are too tight. I should go to the gym later. And eat a salad for dinner. But Evan was going to grill tonight. Salad tomorrow.
  30. Yoga pants. Yoga pants will help me work! Comfort is everything! Keep Calm and Wear Yoga Pants. Yoga Pants for president.
  31. Where did I set down my beer?
  32. Did anyone get the mail yesterday?
  33. That's what I should do. I should write out five random notes of encouragement to people in my life. I have all this cute stationary that I never use and that's what a good friend/daughter/sister would do.
  34. We are out of stamps. We've been out of stamps for months and I still haven't bought stamps.
  35. Are stamps going the way of the cassette tape pretty soon? Could everyday digital postage be one the horizon?
  36. Overhear from the living room - "Boys, just leave it alone! It's dog poop. You've seen dog poop before." Stand up and walk halfway across the room. I turn around and return to my chair.
  37. Slam the rest of my beer. Open up OneNote.
  38. Looks like I've finally got something to write about.

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