Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Vacation Bullet Points

I owe you a recap post of our recent family vacation, partly because I'm getting old and if I don't blog about it, the odds of me remembering it are pretty slim and also because there's a lot of good stuff to write about. 

We arrived home from our travels, emptied out the minivan into piles all over our house, and I collapsed onto the bed. The kids went across the street to play (thank God!) and I got to work putting everything away. I finally got everything either unloaded or in the laundry and, I kid you not, I passed out. I remember laying down on the bed to snuggle with our dog and the next thing I knew, I was waking up hours later. 

I feel like I need a solo vacation now that the family vacation is over. 

Here are just a few highlights I need to fill you in on:

- The story of how I got out of bed one morning and destroyed my foot. Eight days later, I am still limping. 

- How Micah was pretending to be a shark and then I thought he was pretending to be drowning...only, he was maybe kinda sorta actually drowning. A little bit. 

- We got lost....a lot. As in, at least four times. Picture me holding my phone, staring at the little navigation triangle like it was some sort of haunted Ouija board piece and screaming/crying because my beloved technology was failing me.

- That time when Micah lost his mind on the train platform in Chicago and we had to grab hold of him to keep him from running in front of an oncoming train while he shrieked bloody murder. We are pretty sure the good citizens of Chicago thought we were trying to kidnap the child.

- When we accidentally walked into the lobby of the Trump International Hotel carrying our Spiderman tote bag and souvenir Rainforest Cafe margarita glasses and felt just a little....out of place.

- I cried like a baby over an animated character named Bing Bong.

- There was the day Isaiah took on his fear of being pulled in an tube behind a speedboat and also the day that Micah took on his fear of giant slides at the carnival. And boats. And water (see earlier). And riding a bike without training wheels. (It was a big week for Micah.)

- A friend of mine and I went out for dinner and I had a sushi roll called Sexy Bacon. It was glorious.

- And then there's the story of Micah doing THIS to his face:

Like I said, lots to talk about. But for now, my foot still hurts and there's a couple baskets of unfolded laundry I need to stare at. Hoping the motivation returns tomorrow! 

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