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Welcome to Arena Five! 

This blog is all about the blood, sweat, and tears that go into doing life.  Sometimes it gets ugly, doesn't it?  I'm deep in the trenches of raising three sons and trying not to screw them up too badly, so I'm not afraid to admit that our life is a hot mess.  In this arena, it's all about loving God, loving on one another, admitting when we screw up, and trying to do better next time.

Family. Faith. Coffee.

Coffee is crucial.

You'll find all kinds of stuff here:  the perils of parenting, snarky stories about my career misadventures, theological discussions, rants about ankle boots, and probably way too  many posts about poop. I do have three sons, after all.

There's really no rhyme or reason....it's just our life.

I aim to be authentic. I talk about our successes, our failures, our triumphs and our tears. A heavy dose of honesty with a sidecar of humor.

So, who are the faces behind the names?

Sarah K
Welcome! I'm Sarah. I am a former English teacher, theater geek, administrative assistant, and I'll probably still be waiting tables when I'm 80.  I pretend to be a writer, but mostly I'm just tired and sarcastic. My house is full of trucks, dirt, and torn jeans as my three sons learn about the world and I try to keep up with them.  I blog about the battle our family of five fights every day to grow in our faith and raise our children to not be serial killers. Writing about the tales from the trenches is one way I work through the mess. Welcome to our arena. Bring coffee.

The resident alpha male of our arena, Evan spends his days as a manager at a large manufacturing company.  After work he enjoys reading, watching home improvement shows on TV, and rough-housing with the big boys. Always quick with a joke, a witty remark, or to offer the male perspective on things, Evan can always be relied on to make you smile or to frustrate the crap out of you (it depends on the day).

Our first born, the one who made me a Mommy.  Isaiah's enthusiasm and zest can be absolutely exhausting, but his empathetic and caring nature is nothing short of heart-warming.  He is a pillow jumping, car launching, hug giving, Jedi warrior in training.  He stole my heart the moment he entered my life.

Stubborn as a mule, but cute enough to get away with it, this boy is sure to be a heart-breaker.  Pair his electric grin and dimple on his right cheek with those bright blue eyes and he charms everyone he meets.  He enjoys light-saber fights, pushing the limits, and a good wrestling match.

This crazy monkey is the one our family was missing.  Thomas is super-smart, precocious, and he's going to be twice as mischievous as his brothers before him.  He's got a sweet smile, a huge giggle, and knows how to snuggle like a pro. 

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