Greatest Hits

New around these parts?  Looking to revisit some of the greatest hits Arena Five has to offer?  You've come to the right place.  Over the past several years of blogging, there have definitely been a lot of "seasons" this space has gone through, but these are just a few of my favorites along with some of the most popular pieces to hit my corner of the Internet.


5 Simple Ways to Bless Your Sever - Knowing a few simple skills can allow you to be a lighthouse in the sea of despair to the server at a restaurant. Great ways to get out there, get a good meal, and be a blessing.

The Customer is NOT Always Right - It had been a very long time since I had a table be so mean to me that I had to bite my tongue and go have a good cry. So, I wrote them a little letter. It might not be what you think. :) Ok, maybe a little bit.

What Child is This? - Postpartum fear nearly kept me from falling in love with my own son. This is the story of the struggle I had learning to love Micah when he was born.


The Moment in Madison Square - After a chance encounter with a bride and groom while I was strolling through a square in downtown Savannah, I wrote this post about what I was feeling as I watched them. Incredibly, the newlyweds found out about my post after it went semi-viral and were really moved by it.

 Beyond the Pulpit - This one was mostly shared among the staff at my church, but it was a really fun reflection on what it's like to work at a church. Spoiler alert - Churches make you fat if you're not careful.

Lumps, Prayers and Funbags - We had a breast cancer scare that earned me my first mammogram at the age of 31. Everything came back fine (yayyy!), but I had a good time sharing the story of how I got a clean bill of health. Includes references to Kim Kardashian, the Apostle Paul, and The Walking Dead.

On Tybee Time - A fun little travel post about our favorite places to eat on Tybee Island in Georgia. We traveled to Tybee and Savannah for our 10th anniversary and it was such a wonderful vacation. If you're planning a visit, definitely check this one out. Wear a bib.

The Snowblower Story - Never have I done something as stupid as this. This is the story of how an encounter with my snowblower while my husband was in China left me scarred for life and the car very damaged.

That Time I Put Them to Bed -  The bedtime routine with the kids isn't really my thing. This particular night was a perfect example of why it's better that I just stay in my room and blog while Evan puts them to bed.


10 Simple Strategies for a Clean and Organized Home - This tongue in cheek post about what it is really like to try to keep a house running when there are small kids around is one of my all time faves and most shared posts.  

The Mystery Man at Miller Park - Remember that time that we went to a Brewers game and a random act of kindness made my kid's day and then my blog about it went viral and we ended up doing TV news interviews, web interviews, radio interviews and I was invited to blog for The Huffington Post?  Yup.  At more than 480,000 hits and counting, this is far and away my most popular post EVER.

 10 Signs Your Baby Might be a Serial Killer - I had fun with this one.  A sarcastic look at the creepy things our kids do that send shivers up our spine.

Perfectly Imperfect Family Photos - When a thunderstorm moves in on your family photo session and the hail starts to falling, you just gotta embrace the crazy and get 'er done! 

An Epic Star Wars Party - Do you have a young Jedi in your life?  Throw a Star Wars themed birthday party without breaking a sweat or even swearing as you scroll through Pinterest while eating Oreos and feeling inadequate.  This is a party for REAL parents on a real budget with limited effort.  Complete with free printables!

This is What Happens When I Run out of Coffee - I was all out of coffee.  Due to budget cuts, I was unable to buy more.  And things happened....terrible, disturbing, hilarious things happened.

When It Hits You - Even in the midst of the frustrating moments of being a parent, there are so many opportunities to slow down and realize that it's all worth it.

My Prize - I was there to watch my niece be born into this world and then I got to blog about it.  It was one of the most sincere joys of my life! 


A Letter to Mom - Written from the perspective of my two year old, this letter attempts to explain and apologize for his behavior and remind me about what it's like to be.....TWO.

The Mega Superhero Party Post - Kryptonite!  Superhero Capes!  Super Suckers! I threw together a superhero themed birthday party for my two oldest kids and then shared it with you.  Complete with free printables, this one has "Pinnable" written all over it.  :)

Inked - At the ripe old age of 28, I got my first tattoo as a tribute to my three sons and the baby waiting for me in heaven.  You won't see me chomping at the bit to get another one any time soon, but this one was absolutely perfect!

The Second Pot of Coffee - Because sometimes, just one doesn't cut it.

For Jessica - When a bully went after a TV reporter in our state, I went to bat to encourage my friend Jessica, a reporter at a large news network.  It was a great opportunity to offer some encouragement to someone who works in a very, very tough job. 

Letter to Me - I wrote a letter to myself, addressed to arrive a couple weeks before the birth of my first child.  Complete with a few truths about motherhood that nobody told me originally, it reminded me of why being a mama is the best gig on earth.

The New is Here! - This is an overview of my story about how I came to know Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and my decision to be baptized.    

(More to come.  I was interrupted by having to give a Time Out, change a diaper, or kiss an owie.  Maybe even all of the above.  Check back soon for more!)

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